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Wiki running log final


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Wiki running log final

  1. 1. **Let’s let this serve as our Activity Log so that we don’t have to create something else at the end**Every scribe will just add to this document when we meet and attach in an email after each meeting andsend to everyone.10-10-12First MeetingScribe – BrookeWeekly Meeting Times: Wednesdays – 6:30 (CST)Participation for the assignment broken down Key Terminology and concepts – Brooke Common Treatment and/or medications – Julie Informational Video Clips – Miranda PP for cultural considerations - Julie Editing of Skit – Sabrina Demand/Control – o Interpreting Skit demonstrating DC – Miranda o 6 Demands, 2 controls for each demand – EVERYONE will come up with 2 Demands/2 Controls per Demand. Interview/Transcript – Monique Discussion Forum –BrookeFor next meeting, Wed. 10-17-12 – Moniquewill be the scribe andwill get the interview and possibly thetranscript done._____________________________________________________________________________________10/17/12 at 6:30pm CSTScribe: MoniqueInterview: All approve use of Joseph Sarpys video. Monique will turn in the signed permission form to the Wiki.Sabrina will edit it with Picture-In-Picture (PIP) as well as subtitles.Monique will work on English transcript OR voice interpretation, and self-record interview questions forPIP. Also, send video file to Sabrina instead of the YouTube link.Glossary:Brookes glossary looks great. Need to make sure that terms used in the interview are also included.(just a double-check)
  2. 2. Demand-Control Mandy suggested we have a mid-week meeting on the evening of Sunday, October 21, to discuss this. This will be considered, but nothing scheduled yet. Each person will work on 2 demands and 4 controls (2 controls per 1 demand) to turn in at the Wednesday, October 24th ooVoo meeting. Scribe next week: Mandy 10/24/2012 Scribe- Mandy Next session’s scribe- Julie Sabrina- has begun to edit the “Deaf Individual Interview”and is correlating with Monique in reference to its completion. Sabrina will also begin to edit the Skit videos that Mandy will send her later next week. Brooke- will continue to add key terms to the glossary. Monique- working with Sabrina to complete the “Deaf Individual Interview” and focus on the transcript. Julie- continues to work on the PowerPoint and the “common treatments and medications.” Mandy- Began to plan the correlating script for the demand-control skit. Demand-Control The previous week we decided to come up with 2 demands and 2 controls each and meet the next week and decide upon the demands-controls we would like to use. Not only will the demand-controls be outlined in a document but we will also create an instructional video or “skit” for some of the demand- controls. Each person in the group contributed to the demand-control discussion and this is what we have decided so far… Current Demand-Controls… DEMAND CONTROLSDEMAND- You have accepted a routine assignment Control #1- You analyze how you are feeling at thiswith a man who is experiencing on going chest pains. moment and, finding yourself capable to finish theThis should be a short “checkup” appointment which assignment, you begin to “self-talk.” Telling yourself toyou are glad of because, being pregnant, you cannot just breathe and remain calm, it may be a bit of asuffer the sight and smells of extreme medicalsituations. Half way through the assignment, the struggle but you finish the assignment and maintaindoctor begins to tell the patient that they will be communication the entire time because you were abledrawing blood today and you begin to sweat. You to use self-talk as a coping tool.know that you will not be able to stand the sight of
  3. 3. blood as they begin to wheel in the needles. Controls #2- After self-analyzing, you realize that you will not be able to perform an accurate interpretation so you decide to call your agency and request a replacement.DEMAND- You show up to an assignment where the Control #1- You explain to the clients what you are male patient will be need to receive a about to do and step out of the room to call your cauterization. After the male patient sees that you agency. A replacement is available, sent and there is are a female he demands for you to leave and a no harm done. male replacement be sent since the procedure begins in the groin area. Control #2- The agency informs you that there is literally no one else available to replace you so you walk back into the room and explain the situation. You state “I have contacted my agency and there is no one available to replace me for this appointment. There are two options now, either you allow me to interpret for you and I correlate with the medical staff to ensure your privacy or you cancel this appointment and reschedule.”
  4. 4. DEMAND- During a routine cardiology appointment Control #1- You immediately comply with the staff’s the patient begins to experience a heart attack. demands and exit the room so they can save this His/her signing is becoming increasing difficult to patients life. Even though he/she is trying to sign and it read because of lack of air and the medical staff is a struggle to stay outside, you know that this person’s are pushing you out so they can do their jobs. Not life is in danger and you would cause more harm than only is there a breakdown of communication but good. you are literally being shoved out of the room when the client is trying to communicate with you. Control #2- You consider the possibility that the patient might be trying to convey essential information that could aid the medical staff. So, you insist upon your right as the interpreter to stay in the room and voice what the patient is saying quickly THEN exit the room. DEMAND CONTROLSDEMAND- You begin to interpret a routine medical Control #1- You briefly explain the situation to theassignment and discover half way through the clients, step outside and call your agency. A replacementappointment that the patient needs X-Rays. This is sent and all is well.would not normally be a problem except, you arepregnant and pregnant women should not be exposed to Controls #2- You not only request to wear the protectiveradiation. metal jacket but interpret the X-Ray portion through the glass in the wall. The patient has already stated that this is acceptable and can clearly see you.
  5. 5. 10/31/12Scribe – JulieNext week scribe – Sabrina or JulieThis weeks activity included:Brooke – has finished the medical terminology glossary and uploaded to Wiki, plus gave feedback topower point presentation.Sabrina – continue to work on editing of interview video, plus gave feedback on power pointpresentation.Julie – finished power point presentation and uploaded to Wiki.Monique–submitted voice interpretation and interview questions to Sabrina, plus gave feedback onpower point presentation.Mandy – working on informational videos and coordinating with doctor on schedule. Researching otherideas if schedules do not allow for time to get the project completed.Monique will not be able to meet with us next week (11/07/12) because of an assignment that will takeher out of the country and Sabrina will be on-site with the Mental Health class, so they will have limitedaccess to Skype or ooVoo. However, they will stay in contact with the group through texts, emails,and/or phone calls if necessary.11/11/12Scribe-SabrinaWednesday’s Scribe Sabrina or JulieWe scheduled a meeting for November 7, 2012, but it was cancelled.This weeks activities Included:Brooke –Will edit video(s) and link(s) on “Cardiology Glossary.” Will think of Demands and Controls tosend Mandy via email.Sabrina – Tried to help classmates load and edit Wiki pages.Reformatted Wiki page with draft interviewvideo. Will complete video, change page title, and post final video. Will think of Demands and Controlsto send Mandy via email.Julie – Helped post “Common Medications” and “Power Point” pages. Contacted classmates for help insetting up the Wiki pages. Will think of Demands and Controls to send Mandy via email.Monique – Set up a Slide Share account. Contacted classmates to ask for assistance with using SlideShare. Posted Wiki pages using Slide Share so everyone in the group did not have to make an account.Will think of Demands and Controls to send Mandy via email.
  6. 6. Mandy-Contacted classmates to help group with using Slide Share. Decided to cancel demand-controlskit. Completed and posted “Instructional Videos” page. Will complete Demand/Control page.Next meeting will me November 14, 2012 at 7:30pm (EST).11/14/12Scribe-SabrinaLast official meeting.This weeks activities Included:Brooke –Emailed Dr. Shaw about where to post the groups discussion board thread. She will also informthe group about Dr. Shaws response. Will email Wiki Summary to group by Tuesday, November 20,2012. Will communicate with group via email until project is complete.Sabrina – Will send Mandy detailed explanation of Demands/Controls discussed at meeting. Will edit"Wiki Running Log."Will email Wiki Summary to group by Tuesday, November 20, 2012. Willcommunicate with group via email until project is complete.Julie – Will email Wiki Summary to group by Tuesday, November 20, 2012. Will communicate withgroup via email until project is complete.Monique –Will send Mandy detailed explanation of Demands/Controls discussed at meeting. Willrepost updated "Cardiology Glossary."Will email Wiki Summary to group by Tuesday, November 20,2012. Will communicate with group via email until project is complete.Mandy-Will set up her own Slide Share account. Will complete Demand/Control Wiki page. Will emailWiki Summary to group by Tuesday, November 20, 2012. Will communicate with group via email untilproject is complete. Topics Discussed during Meeting: Slide Share Wiki Summary Log Guiding Questions Demand/Controls Discussion Questions