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MC03 - Getting the Most Out of MC University


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Learn all about the importance of MC University - including detailed information on course content, navigating MCU, the new Interactive Examples feature, as well as taking course Quizzes.

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MC03 - Getting the Most Out of MC University

  1. 1. MC03|Getting The Most Out of MC University MC University
  2. 2. MC University Agenda Checkpoint Attendee? Accessing a Course Course Content Interactive Examples Quizzes Sign Up for MC University
  3. 3. MC University Checkpoint Attendee? MC University trial access provided to all Checkpoint attendees! Sign-up for MCU subscription at Checkpoint for a chance to win a prize
  4. 4. MC University Checkpoint Attendee? (cont’d) Checkpoint specific section available at the top of each course for: • Username / Password to testing database • Survey
  5. 5. MC University Checkpoint Attendee? (cont’d) New and exciting feature released at Checkpoint… Please welcome the Interactive Examples to the MC University! • More on this feature later in this course
  6. 6. MC University Accessing a Course Select MC University from home page / menu of MC User Connect
  7. 7. MC University Accessing a Course (cont’d) Courses are broken out into their proper sections (i.e. Assets and Infrastructure Courses)
  8. 8. MC University Accessing a Course (cont’d) Individual course can be selected from section
  9. 9. MC University Course Content Course description
  10. 10. MC University Course Content (cont’d) Previously recorded Video
  11. 11. MC University Course Content (cont’d) Accompanying course Slides
  12. 12. MC University Course Content (cont’d) Practice skills with Interactive Examples
  13. 13. MC University Course Content (cont’d) Test knowledge with a Quiz
  14. 14. MC University Interactive Examples New feature available to allow users to engage in an interactive, repeatable, video- style format to practice and perfect newly learned skills
  15. 15. MC University Interactive Examples (cont’d) Slide will alert you when Interactive Examples come up in course to practice a skill(s)
  16. 16. MC University Interactive Examples (cont’d) Select correct Interactive Example from MCU course page
  17. 17. MC University Interactive Examples (cont’d) Interactive Example will appear in new browser window
  18. 18. MC University Interactive Examples (cont’d) How do they work? • Play the video to begin
  19. 19. MC University Interactive Examples (cont’d) • Audio instruction is provided (plug-in headphones)
  20. 20. MC University Interactive Examples (cont’d) • Video will pause after each new step is explained through voice-over • Grey text bubble will appear on screen providing written instruction
  21. 21. MC University Interactive Examples (cont’d) • Red circle will appear to alert user where to click • Video will NOT continue to play until user has selected directly within the circle
  22. 22. MC University Interactive Examples (cont’d) • Pause, fast forward, rewind, and replay as many times as desired!
  23. 23. MC University Quizzes Be sure to make time for the Quiz after each course Test your knowledge…and win prizes while you’re at it!
  24. 24. MC University Sign Up For MC University On a trial membership for MCU? Want access to course content long-term? • Email to discuss subscription options
  25. 25. Thank You for Attending!