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Continuous Deployment of Operational Configs


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How to implement continuous deployment of operational configurations using Chef and Git.

Given as a lightning talk at the "Continuous Deployment ArchCamp, 03/30/2011.

Published in: Technology
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Continuous Deployment of Operational Configs

  1. 1. Continuous Deployment for Ops (who use Chef and git) @mikebabineau EA2D
  2. 2. Infrastructure as Code“Enable the reconstruction of the business from nothing but asource code repository, an application data backup, and baremetal resources” - Jesse Robbins
  3. 3. Chef primerClient-server config management toolCookbooks - modules with recipes for doing stuffRoles - which recipes? what settings?Data Bags - JSON object storageKnife - CLI tool
  4. 4. Bad:$ knife role edit myrole
  5. 5. Better:$ knife role from file roles/myrole.json
  6. 6. How?$ tree -a chef-repochef-repo├── .chef├── .git├── cookbooks│ └── myapp├── databags└── roles └── myrole.json
  7. 7. Best:$ git push origin master
  8. 8. How?for cookbook in $(git_diff("cookbooks")); do knife cookbook upload $cookbookdonefor role in $(git_diff("roles")); do knife role from file $roledonefor bag in $(git_diff("databags")); do for item in $(git_diff("items", $bag)); do knife data bag from file $bag $item donedone
  9. 9. How do you test?$ git push origin dev
  10. 10. $ cat .chef/knife.rb...# (original by gritbranch ="#{current_dir}/..").head.namecase branchwhen "master" orgname = "ea2d"else orgname = "ea2d-dev"endvalidation_key "#{current_dir}/#{orgname}-validator.pem"chef_server_url "{orgname}"validation_client_name "#{orgname}-validator"...
  11. 11. Questions?mikeb@ea2d.comWere hiring:AWS, Java, Chef, Python,JS, GAE, NoSQL, DevOps, etc.