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2018 Youth Poster Contest


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2018 Youth Poster Contest winners have been announced! View the winning artwork today.

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2018 Youth Poster Contest

  1. 1. Winners 2018 Youth Poster Contest
  2. 2. K-6th Grade Grand Prize Winner Jared Sanders Skyview Charter School
  3. 3. 7th – 12th Grade Grand Prize Winner Angelina Jonas Bradshaw Mountain Middle School
  4. 4. Age 5/6 Winner Jamie Ann Savoini Abia Judd Elementary
  5. 5. Age 7/8 Winner Bailey Rentschler Abia Judd Elementary
  6. 6. Age 9/10 Winner Anthony Cisneros Paulden School
  7. 7. Age 11/12 Winner Jordan Granados Bradshaw Mtn. Middle School
  8. 8. Age 13/14 Winner Zachary Guillen Glassford Hill Middle School
  9. 9. Age 15/16 Winner Cassidy Blake Arizona Agribusiness & Equine Center
  10. 10. Age 17/18 Winner Gilberto Herrera Camp Verde High School
  11. 11. MATFORCE 8056 E. Valley Rd., Ste. B Prescott Valley, AZ 86314 (928) 708-0100