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Wv corporate sponsorship

Libraries need corporate sponsorship to be able to have the funds it needs to be effective. This is the PowerPoint of a presentation I made as part of a Fundraising Showcase.

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Wv corporate sponsorship

  1. 1. (West Virginia) Libraries Need Corporate Sponsorship Mary Rayme October 9, 2014 WVLA Fall Conference Snowshoe, West Virginia
  2. 2. Legislators may come and go. They may support libraries, or they may not. Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  3. 3. Corporations may come and go also, but they have a financial investment in WV with a need to advertise their philanthropy. (It’s good for business and a tax write-off.) Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  4. 4. So… Corporate Partners need us too. Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  5. 5. The New York Public Library has hundreds of Corporate Partners including banks, publishers, and law firms. Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  6. 6. Even the American Library Association has corporate sponsors. Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  7. 7. Who are potential Corporate Partners in West Virginia? Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  8. 8. WV National Public Broadcasting - Who owns land in rural counties? These are timber, paper, and gas companies – all potential Corporate Partners. Source: west-virginia Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  9. 9. Top 50 employers in West Virginia include: • Verizon • Homer Laughlin China Company • Hollywood Casino These are all potential Corporate Partners. Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  10. 10. More potential corporate partners for West Virginia libraries. Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  11. 11. What do West Virginia Libraries have to offer in return? Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  12. 12. West Virginia has three larger-sized library websites for: • West Virginia Library Commission • Mountain Library Network • Northern Library Network – (This website is inactive ) Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  13. 13. How many page hits do these websites have each month? If the numbers are large enough, this can be used to entice Corporate Partners to sponsor WV Libraries. Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  14. 14. Corporate Sponsorship of Services could look like: “Ancestry and Heritage Quest provided by KeyLogic Services of WV” Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  15. 15. Libraries also have printed collateral materials. How many West Virginia library cards are issued every year and how many cards are active in total? (Corporations want to know the numbers.) Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  16. 16. Because we are a sparsely populated and rural state with a lower annual income, West Virginia especially needs corporate sponsorship to be able to compete in the global marketplace. Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme
  17. 17. Hey WV Libraries. We have advertising space. Let’s sell it.  Copyright 2014, Mary Rayme