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Seven Things You Should Know About MaFI


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Slides with the key 7 things you should know about MaFI... the best network for inclusive market development facilitators in the world! Why it is different; its learning agenda; how to participate, etc.

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Seven Things You Should Know About MaFI

  1. 1. 7 things you should know about MaFI making inclusive market development easier and more cost-effective to reduce poverty at scale an initiative of
  2. 2. much more than a space for talking... trust + joint vision JOINT ACTION PEER-SUPPORT LEARNING time
  3. 3. … creating a virtuous circle for global influence PEER-SUPPORT LEARNING MaFI as a global driver of good practices and policies in inclusive market development JOINT ACTION
  4. 4. building trust and reciprocity Listeners (staying tuned & spreading the voice) •Long-term interactions •Members know who is who Committed members (changing the world) •The power of LinkedIn to build your own professional network •“MaFI changed the way I work on a daily basis, as it is like having an additional layer of colleagues around the world eager to support, and whom I can support as well when needed […]” (Gianluca Nardi, Nov 2011)
  5. 5. a learning agenda focused on Subsidies Horizontal & Vertical Linkages Capacity Building Impact Assessment … but responsive to members’ needs
  6. 6. Theme Capacity Building Linkages Incentives Within development orgs. Within market systems How to build capacity of development organizations and practitioners? How to build capacity of strategic market actors to drive change in their market systems? How to promote in-person collaboration and learning among practitioners? What incentives and how to use them to improve organizational learning about facilitation of inclusive market development? How to promote vertical and horizontal linkages between market actors? How to assess impact of learning processes within Impact development organisations Assessment working to become facilitators of inclusive market development? What incentives and subsidies and how to use them to catalyse systemic and sustainable change? How to assess impacts of facilitation on the strategies and activities of market actors? How to assess impacts of strategies and activities of market actors on their market systems?
  7. 7. bringing real people into the equation through Local Learning Groups (LLGs) and informal meetings 0 (MaFI @ LinkedIn) LLG n (MaFIambassadors)n mC 2 changethew orld 2
  8. 8. concrete initiatives to change the world • The MaFI-festo Dialogues working with the donor community to promote facilitationfriendly rules and principles in inclusive market development ( • The Complexity Dialogues bringing complexity experts and market facilitators together to introduce complexity science into the practices and policies of inclusive market development…
  9. 9. concrete initiatives to change the world • Systemic M&E for inclusive markets rethinking the current M&E paradigm to promote the adoption of complexity science, systems thinking and facilitation in M&E for inclusive market development. This initiative is one of the solutions proposed in the MaFIfesto and is being implemented with the collaboration of The SEEP Network and USAID. • Check out the latest news at:
  10. 10. how to participate and benefit • Become a committed member: • Become a MaFI-cionado: • Follow MaFI on Twitter: • Use MaFI-licious; an ever-growing bibliography of online resources used by MaFI experts: • Use MaFI’s knowledge products on Slideshare: • Comments or questions? Contact MaFI facilitator Lucho Osorio at
  11. 11. be part of the people who are making markets work to end poverty at scale using facilitation… be part of MaFI is an initiative of the SEEP Network with the technical support of Practical Action