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bark of rourea roots of rourea minor extracts of nanoparticles medicinal potentials mass spectrometry gas chromatography vital medicinal plant ruta graveolens phytochemical profiling adult male wistar rats testis spermatogenic cells leaf smoke nicotiana tabacum anti-fertility rare case report chronic appendicitis appendiceal mucocele worldwide perspective protected areas biodiversity human livelihoods il-1ra interleukin 1 receptor antagon recombinant interleukin expression and purification bacterial agglutinating litopenaeus vannamei white leg shrimp vibrio parahaemolyticus l-type purification of vibrio treatment of acute cholecystit cholecystectomy late laparoscopic early laparoscopic vaccine development salmonella enteritidis flic-delta220-320 drug-novel case report oseltamivir combination anti-influenza non-drug therapy non-invasive corona virus disease 2019 control of covid-19 ppars proliferator-activated recepto regulation of peroxisome liver weight of high-fat diet astaxanthin on body immunohistochemistry msa quantum dots conjugated cdse antibody-conjugated review on newly identified co genomics organization newly identified corona virus carcinoma-7 years retrospective study basal cell carcinoma histopathological spectrum noctuidae: lepidoptera spodoptera frugiperda larvicide combination with wetting agent neem oil aged (15-30 years) unmarried anaemic females prevalence of anemia pattern of anaemia urban district of haryana women of reproductive contraceptive methods attitude knowledge vietnam lam dong bidoup-nuiba national park folk medicine water extract antibacterial activity tumor lymph node correlation with grade ki-67 immunostaining incidence gwalior chambal region tertiary care centre acute kidney injury epidemiology pediocin pa-1 biodiversity conservation agroforestry practices parkland agroforestry diagnostic role utility of fnac different age groups lymphadenopathy cases fnac uterine bleeding patients of abnormal primary diagnostic modality tudy on hysteroscopy uttar pradesh population pinna in relation morphometric study microbes: a mini review wood extractive management of termites comparative study of foramen 3d ct images dry cadaveric skull foramen magnum i nellore coast of andhra prades heavy metals in water assessment of heavy metals atomic absorption spectroscopy spondylitis patients ankylosing spondylitis hla-b27 cn-pcr rt-pcr study on diversity maharashtra akkalkot kurnur dam diversity of zooplanktons a rare case report 45 years old femal breast aspirates microfilariae hypertension pulmonary artery personalized therapy silico modeling 8 months old boy neuroblastoma cutaneous presentation phytomedicine control of diabetes medical students sexuality education perception of sexuality bricolage moringa oleifera propagation of moringa taxonomy history poultry in saudi arabia toxicological effects of mycot pathological effects of mycoto induced hemotoxicity cyclophosphamide effect of royal jelly potential defensive expression of outer membrane protein omp38 aeromonas hydrophila current status ambedkar nagar ornithofauna management- a review black triangles uplifting of seri-stakeholders sustainable economic biodiversity resources ri-muga culture friesian (hf) crossbred cattle cystic ovarian disease factors influencing cassia tora extract castrated rats antiandrogenic effects evaluation of antiandrogenic e different sources forest fungi sapindus mukorossi extracts preliminary screening burkina faso agro-ecological zones numida meleagris local guinea fowl socio-economic characterizatio lasmid transfer method dye degrading bacteria increasing efficiency attributes of beef rumps temperatures on quality pre-freezing aging punjab-short communication biology of bombyx mori antibiotic susceptibility patt surgical site infections bacteriological profile overweight adolescents school going overweight assessment of blood pressure quality parameters uperlative packaged fruit juic screening of the superlative quality of ostrich sensory of ostrich oat meat intraoral speech generating de ritspee generator human health-a review role of vaccines gall bladder: a rare case mucinous adenocarcinoma primary mucinous episiotomy scar- a rare case r episiotomy scar perineal endometriosis reserpine-induced rodent model applications of a reserpine molecular mechanisms quality of meat effects of post marination agi effects of pre marination agin thyroid-case report ariant of papillary carcinoma encapsulated follicular philippines mindanao seaweed farms in zamboanga associated with kappaphycus al ncidence of ice-ice disease prognostic importance her 2 neu receptor s pr er histopathological correlation andhra pradesh visakhapatnam kondakarla freshwater lake diversity of molluscan ijlssr life-sciences medical sciences
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