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Best camera apps for android to click quality snaps 2019


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Here are list of top Best Camera apps for Android to click quality snaps.

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Best camera apps for android to click quality snaps 2019

  1. 1. Top 10 Best Camera apps for Android to click quality snaps. When you go back to a decade from now, you need to visit the near photo studios to take a picture. Now the situation has changed due to the evolution of smartphones and smartphone cameras. Even though we have a camera on the phone, we can't get the images in low light and night mode in the initial stages of the mobile camera. However, scenarios are changed now most of the companies are working hard to provide the best cameras to the users. In recent times you can see some companies like OPPO, Real me, Redmi, and VIVO are promoting their brand by highlighting the camera features only. Even though the companies are putting their 100% effort to provide the best camera to the users, users are shifting to the third party camera apps to get high-quality pictures. Ever you tried the camera apps? Most of the persons will say yes. The reason to use the mobile camera apps is to enhance the image quality and look with some stunning features available with the app. Nowadays, people are shooting movies with the help of mobile cameras& camera apps, and editing them with the help of the photo and video editors.
  2. 2. We are writing this article to help the people who are looking to get maximum output with the Android camera apps, and for the people who are in confusion to choose the right app to take selfies. Now, we are providing the top 10 mobile camera apps based on the research conducted by our team. 1. Camera 360 2. Cymera 3. Retrica 4. VSCO 5. Camera MX 6. Camera Zoom FX 7. Open Camera 8. Camera FV-5 9. Footej Camera 10. Bacon Camera 1. Camera 360: Camera 360 app is taking place in the best android camera apps for the year 2019. The main reason to choose this Android camera app is, it stood as the best app for 2016 on Google Play and its new features & updates. It has 800 million users in the camera 360 photography community.
  3. 3. Camera 360 is a selfie photo editor with the fun stickers. It is a free beauty Android camera app with which we can take creative images. The user can utilize the lens-filter system before they take a snap. The reason for using this feature is the picture we get will come with the filter add-ons. It has its professional editing tools, and it includes various themes of funny stickers. It also provides motion stickers, filters, video effects, and photo templates. Key Features Include: It has a new home page which will provide the best visual experience. It has 3D funny stickers, by which we can create funny photos by creativity. You can find various capture photo challenges in the Android camera mobile app. It has an inbuilt beauty camera and selfie photo editor. Cartoon Effects Lens-filters. Photo Collage & Grid New in-app futures and updates: Before this, we need manually save the photos after capturing. Now, it will save automatically. The size of the APK file decreased to save time and space for the end user. User experience improved.
  4. 4. Price: Free/ in app purchases Installs: 100,000,000+ Download link: 2. Cymera: The Cymera camera app is taking place in the best android camera apps for the year 2019. Cymera is a free selfie Android camera app which will give original and compelling view to your pictures. It is a free Android app which is developed by SK Communications Co Ltd. Cymera is a free selfie Android camera app which will give original and compelling view to your pictures. It is a free Android app which is developed by SK Communications Co Ltd. As of 2018 end, this app is downloaded by 330 million users. The users can enhance their images with the use of snap sticker, pro photo editor studio, filters, collage maker, Instafit, and makeup. If we use the Cymera photo editor, we can create posters, frames, photo collage, and style stickers. Key Features Include:  Simple and easy to use.  It has beauty camera with the various filters and makeup effects.
  5. 5.  It has more than 150 filters for instant selfies.  Seven camera lenses.  We can adjust the pictures instantly, with more than 200 hair and makeup options.  With the help of this app, we easily collage the pictures. Even we resize the image. It will be suitable for all social media platforms.  It is a high-speed and advanced tool with which we can remove the red-eye effect.  It will support various languages.  You can share the images directly to your social networks. Price: Free Installs: 100,000,000+ Latest version: 3.4.6 Download link: 3. Retrica: The Retrica camera app is taking place in the best android camera apps for the year 2019, developed by Retrica, Inc.
  6. 6. If you are passionate and instinctive liking about capturing pictures, then Retrica will be your choice among the various Android camera apps present in the Android market. Its UI design attracts users to utilize the app. However, Retrica has more than 100 filters with numerous hues and effects. Retrica will apply a filter at the time capturing the picture rather than at processing time. We have ample of number Android camera apps in the market, but Retrica will the perfect camera to get trait and instant results. Key Features Include:  Many different looks are inbuilt with the app.  Instant collage  Can share the photos and videos to social media platforms.  It has a community where you send private messages, can make friends by using the direct messaging feature.  You can follow the people to get the news feed when they update something on the community.  We have more than 100 number of stamps, fun stickers, and more.  It provides a unique feature apart from other Android camera apps with the use of our pictures and videos, we can create our GIFs. It is easy and funny. New updates:  In the recently released version new filter Tokyo is added to the app.  The brightness and flash feature back to the app. Price: Free/ in app purchases available Installs: 100,000,000+ Latest version: 6.3.0 Download link: 4. VSCO: VSCO app is taking second place in the best android camera apps for the year 2019. If you are passionate about photography and want to explore brand-new things, then this camera app is the perfect choice.
  7. 7. It is the most trending mobile camera app in the Google play store for the year 2018 and 2019, developed by VSCO app developers. It has dual features we can click images, and we can edit them simultaneously. It has excellent features which are underneath. The photographers can shoot in the RAW formats, which is the most elegant feature of the VSCO mobile android camera app. We can do manual settings and adjustments of exposure, ISO, balancing, and filters. VSCO is providing membership platform where you can: Create: By using the VSCO tools, we can capture and create elegant videos and images. Discover: You can discover new things from the tutorials, and you can inspire by the success stories. Connect: You connect to the other creative photographers in the community, to share your photos and videos. For VSCO membership, you need to pay $19.99/ year.
  8. 8. Key Features Include:  Easy to use  We can manually adjust the exposure, saturation, light balancing, and filters.  Retro camera.  You can edit the video with the new add-ons.  Advanced presets available for editing of the video.  We can directly share the photos on social media platforms.
  9. 9. Price: Free/ in app purchases Installs: 50,000,000+ Download link: 5. Camera MX: Camera MX is the best android camera app among all the apps for the year 2019. In the market, if you want a quality android camera, then you need to pay an extra penny, but the situation is different with this app, this one is providing the free version to users. Camera MX is the free Android camera with which you can click Live Shots with high-end quality from ideal moments. The unique feature of this app is to shoot the past. It has an easy user interface (UI) which can be utilized by both kids and parents. This app makes it easy for the user in creating animates photos and videos. With the help of a photo editor, we can add an innumerable filter and live effects. You can convert a simple photo into your GIF with the help of this app. Key Features Include:  Converting your photos into moving live images.
  10. 10.  Customization is available for various effects like add captions, color balance, and many more.  You can capture pictures from the video by rewinding.  You can auto save images and videos.  You can turn your camera into a high-speed burst mode. Price: Free Installs: 10,000,000+ Download link: 6. Camera Zoom FX: Camera Zoom FX app is taking place in the best android camera apps for the year 2019. It is the fastest Android camera app which we can get for Android devices. It is a professional camera by which we can take stable shots, action shots, collage, filters, and many more. It is a free Android camera mobile app, which is the best replacement for the DSLR camera, and it will perfect if you want to shoot in raw formats. We can get raw formats in some of the supportive/high-end devices which are meeting hardware configurations.
  11. 11. It is the best choice if we are looking for a zoom camera, it also caters great support in manual controlling of the camera. It supports vast space in shooting modes like action shots, stable shots, best shot, HDR, time-lapse, and many more. Key Features Include:  We can manually set the exposure, focus distance, ISO, and shutter speed.  With the best photo mode, you can select your most adored photo.  The camera will operate with voice control.  It includes abundant effects such as Bokeh, Retro, hipster, Lomo, and many more.  Incognito mode camera.  We can shoot over 360 horizon level.  Selfie flash.  The unique feature with this app is if you want to take a snap tap anywhere you want.  Tilt-shift filter. Price: Free Installs: 10,000,000+ Latest version: 6.3.0 Download link: 7. Open Camera: The Open Camera app is taking place in the best android camera apps for the year 2019. It is open source and free Android camera app for tablets and smartphones. Mark Harman develops this fully featured camera app. The key feature of this app is that it will capture the images and video with high-end configurations. We can change the format of the pictures which we shoot with this app. This app is supporting various features such as auto stabilization, ISO controls, volume controls, color effects, and white balance.
  12. 12. This app is an entirely free version which doesn't have any ads and in-app purchases. Key Features Include:  We can configure the user interface, volume keys.  It will automatically stabilize your pictures.  High-end video recording, we can save photos while you record video.  Voice controlled the camera.  We can zoom the camera with the help of single and multi-touch gestures.  Geotagging.  It supports screen flash, Amazfit Selfie, and Mi Band 2.  These features are compatible based on mobile hardware configurations. New updates & features:  It will ask permission of Bluetooth when you try to access the open camera android mobile app.  New feature added focus peaking, histogram, and zebra stripes.  Some of the settings moved from on-screen GUI to camera preview. Price: Free Installs: 10,000,000+ Latest version: 1.46 Download link:
  13. 13. 8. Camera FV-5: The Camera FV-5 camera app is taking place in the best android camera apps for the year 2019. The Camera FV-5 developed by the Flavio Gonzalez App-Entwicklung. If you are a creative and imaginative person, then you can get maximum from it with no doubt. However, one thing you need to keep in the mind that you should have an appropriate mobile device to support all the features in this Android camera app. This app has both two version one is Camera FV-5, which is for free, and another one is Camera FV-5, it is a paid version in which you get full resolution support and raw capture option. It is another more exciting mobile Android camera app for professional photographers. It is the same as the DSLR camera with all features at our fingertips. Key Features Include:  This app has built-in intervalometer.
  14. 14.  You can capture raw formats (16-bit) and JPEG as well. Before that, you need to change the settings in your mobile devices. The Android device supports the raw formats with the Lollipop version of the operating system. 1. Open the settings panel (tap on the cog icon on the top left corner of the screen) 2. Select the photo encoding setting tab (2nd ) 3. Enable the option to enable raw capture. Source:  It also supports all the program modes such as Speed-priority modes, aperture-priority, and full manual mode.  It has a viewfinder display like a DSLR camera.  It has multi-language support for more than 30.  This app has a sturdy storage option.  We can control the camera with the volume buttons.  You can manually set the shutter speed from 1/80000 to 60, based on the device configuration.  The user will have full control over all the parameters of this Android camera app. Price: Free/Premium ($3.95) Installs: 10,000,000+ Latest version: 3.31.4 Download link: 9. Footej Camera: The Footej Camera app is taking place in the best android camera apps for the year 2019. It is a simple and most powerful app for all the android devices in the USA and the world. Semaphore Inc. developed this app to deliver high-end photography experience to the users. It is an advanced new, robust, and user-friendly camera which is used to take snaps, orchestrate to give a brand new look to the rare beautiful moments of your life. This app allows to click raw formats, but it will depend on the mobile compatibility.
  15. 15. Key Features Include: Slow-motion video recording Simple and easy UI. You can use focus and exposure from different places. We can manually control the shutter speed and ISO. It allows us to shoot in burst mode even though we get high-quality pictures. Animated GIFs Panorama mode Price: Free/Premium Premium features:
  16. 16. Source: Installs: 1,000,000+ Latest version: 2.4.2 build 100000 Download link: 10. Bacon Camera: The Bacon Camera app is taking place in the best android camera apps for the year 2019, developed by F.G.N.M. This Android camera app is adding additional power to our Android phone to capture the exceptional images. It is the first Android camera app which supports manual controlling without having camera 2API. The Bacon camera app is a unique Android camera app with which we can get the most beautiful images with the use of manual settings. This Android camera app will help to know the real beauty behind the photography. It has more than 1 Lakh, active users monthly. Key Features Include:
  17. 17.  You can take control over the camera with the use of manual controls like focus, white balancing, and exposure to get what you need from the Android camera app.  With this Android camera app, we can get take raw formats (DNG file), to capture the image with full colors, and we can process the picture according to our usage.  The Advanced viewfinder feature helps you to shoot photographs at any condition with the help of tools.  Multi-exposure will help you to shoot in full resolution. This Android camera app is handy to get light paintings.  With the help of a timed shoot feature, we can easily use the intervallometer for time- controlled and time-lapse.  Exposure bracket feature is used to shoot multiple images at a time.  This Android camera app is providing Flash slow sync feature if you are not satisfied with your Android phone flash.  It is the first app which supports original Qualcomm Ubifocus and other DSLR effects.  This app has a photo editor by which we can create a tiny planet on our phone.  With the use of this Android camera app, we can take a roomy panorama with the front camera also. Price: Free Installs: 1,000,000+ Latest version: 1.10.7 Download link: Conclusion: In the USA we have thousands of Android camera apps which are unique from each other available in the market, among which we selected top 10 Android camera apps based on user usage, features include, performance, and the number of installs. If these apps are top, which doesn't mean other apps are not good enough, they also work better but based on the standards we follow, we listed out these Android camera apps. These top 10 apps are ruling in the Android play store market. If you still have any questions/suggestion, please write to us we are happy to help you.
  18. 18. After reading this article, if you wish to develop an Android camera app for the Android phone, then you are at the right place. You can contact our team to get a free quote. Our professionals always there to guide you from scratch to the final product. We are the top mobile app development company in the USA to develop top-end mobile apps for both Android and IOS.