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Life Beyond Medicine


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A presentation by Dr Hemant Morparia on how doctors can improve the quality of their life

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Life Beyond Medicine

  1. 1. Life beyond Medicine Dr Hemant Morparia, MD Bombay, India
  2. 2. Photo Album by oem
  3. 3. THE THREE MODERN SINS • Arrogance • Incompetence • Greed • (and like the bankrupt AIG, they need to go under,without any bail out)
  4. 4. 1.ARROGANCE
  6. 6. 3.GREED
  7. 7. Why a life beyond medicine? • Full use of your brain’s potential-your right brain should not be left behind and your left brain will get right ahead. • Constant life-long ,non-linear growth- growing like a tree –branching in all directions (and not like a tap root, in only one direction)
  8. 8. Why a life beyond medicine? • No burn-out.More so in times of increased (professional) life expectancy. • Eventually , most of your work will become routine: be it treating cough/cold/fever or performing coronary bypass surgery • Greater Fulfillment in Life. GFL is in inverse proportion to DMP*
  9. 9. *Dubious Medical Practice
  10. 10. Why a life beyond medicine? • A ‘portfolio of careers’ leads to more independence • It makes you an ‘interesting case’ • As basic and not-so-basic needs are satisfied, the higher ‘self-actualization’ need surfaces. • It’s the way of the future
  11. 11. Why a life beyond medicine? • Synergy with all activities- if you enjoy painting, you will become a better surgeon, which in turn may help you in playing a musical instrument which will make you play better tennis player which may help you be a superior communicator which will improve your cooking etc…etc… • i.e more synapses/better synapses/longer synapses/unusual synapses in the brain will be formed,in turn producing unusual serendipitous results.
  12. 12. HOW TO GO ABOUT IT? • (take out your notebooks and pens/laptops, now)
  13. 13. A tautological tip • Q : How did you start drawing cartoons? • A: I started drawing cartoons by drawing cartoons.
  14. 14. How to go about it? • Don’t confuse your career with your life- “your life is not your job” • Do new things at every available opportunity • I hear- I forget ,I see - I remember, I do and I understand.
  15. 15. How to go about it? • Every one has some talent. Don’t ignore your talent / instinct / ‘keeda’ • Nurture it! • Don’t postpone nurturing your talent-after ssc/hsc/mbbs/md/nursing home/ kids/ after kid’s terminals….after kid’s ssc (repeat as above…till terminal cardio- respiratory failure or dementia) • Surround yourself with positive people
  16. 16. How to go about it • Better to sing than to attend a concert to listen to a professional singer. • ”Life is not a spectator sport” • Success in one field leads to a greater fear of failure in another. Avoid this trap. Take risks!
  17. 17. Important creativity tip: • It’s never what you do, it’s always ‘how’ you do it. • You cant always do what you love, but you can always learn to love what you do.
  18. 18. Why medicine is perfect : • It’s a flexible profession: • time • place • type of practice • No worries about job loss even in recessionary times. • Steady income and some ‘respect’ • Meet many people from different fields and backgrounds
  19. 19. The reward system • Primary • Secondary • Tertiary • Quaternary
  20. 20. • Primary (auto teleological) acts , are their own reward*. • Then why not eliminate the middle men from the other loops? • Why settle for ‘RICH’ when you can have ‘ENRICHED’? • *A pun, on the other hand, is it’s own re-word.