Fire your boss


Published on Did you ever wish you could fire your boss? Are you looking for a new way to become financially free from all your struggles? Are you ready for the answer to your financial woes? You have come to the right place. Let me show you a way to have residual income for the rest of your life. Yes, enough to leave a legacy for your children and love ones. Your Personalized Game Plan Will:
• Develop a custom 5 to 10 year plan to true financial freedom
.Develop a 6 to 12 month plan for cash flow now
• Reveal how easily you can create positive cash-flow for life
• Uncover 'Hidden Assets' you may not know you already have
• Accurately predict whether your money will outlast you or not
• Offer 3 actionable 'right-now' options to secure your retirement

Schedule your FREE game plan today! There is absolutely no commitment. Nobody will come to your home, the Game Plan interview is done 100% over the telephone, and at a time that is convenient for you.*

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Fire your boss

  1. 1. Have Gran d Openings fo r You r Busin ess Fire Your Boss Fire Your Boss
  2. 2. 2 of 3: 50% of income 1 of 3: 90% of income 1 of 4: 100% of income Source: 2010 Census Social Security Administration
  3. 3. • Are any of these investments actually paying you today? • We are taught to accumulate retirement for over 40 years, only to deplete it within a few years after retirement. Disclaimer:  No claims or guarantees are made or implied as to which of the above entities  may or may not appreciate.  Please contact a reliable source and obtain advice from a  qualified professional before making any decision.
  4. 4. There was a proven, systemized, passive business that solved all of these problems?
  5. 5. Strongbrook REIC and its family of real estate  companies consisting of 200 experts, help people  create either a 5‐10 year Retirement Game Plan OR  a 12 month Income Game Plan through real estate
  6. 6. To Cash Flow Now in Real Estate 1. Get a Game Plan Report 2. Profit in the Best Markets 3. Use the Best Financing
  7. 7. • See how your current financial situation factors into your 5-10 yr Custom Game Plan • Includes complete ‘How To’ explanations • Start residual income before you retire • A Custom Game Plan is our free gift to you
  8. 8. Those who have accumulated retirement, equity and savings request a Free Custom Game Plan to learn your options. Those with little or no assets will be given specific Game Plan options in this presentation. If unsure, request a Game Plan. 13
  9. 9. Step 2
  10. 10. buckeye, arizona purchase price: previous high 2006: replacement cost: Including Rock Bottom Land Price cash flow: annual equity roi: 120k 275k 181k $114-$279 32.61% 3 Bed, 2.5 Bath Built in 2004
  11. 11. gilbert, arizona 4 Bed, 2 Bath purchase price: previous high 2006: replacement cost: Including Rock Bottom Land Price cash flow: annual equity roi: Built in 2005 202k 331k 244k $207-$466 17.69% las vegas, nevada 3 Bed, 2 Bath Built in 1994 purchase price: previous high 2006: replacement cost: 138k 296k 178k Including Rock Bottom Land Price cash flow: annual equity roi: $233-$433 18.92%
  12. 12. orlando, florida 3 Bed, 2 Bath purchase price: previous high 2006: Replacement cost: Including Rock Bottom Land Price Cash flow: Annual equity roi: Built in 1994 165k 296k 178k $189-$349 18.92% queen creek, az 4 Bed, 3 Bath Built in 2005 purchase price: previous high 2006: Replacement cost: 166k 260k 234k Including Rock Bottom Land Price Cash flow: Annual equity roi: $69-$288 28.25%
  13. 13. Step 3: Use the Best • 50 different banks • Self direct 401ks and IRAs • Other people’s money • Other people’s credit • Enrolling people into Strongbrook
  14. 14. • Strongbrook has transacted well over $125,000,000 of real estate for its clients. • Our average client purchases nearly 2 homes in their first year. • Strongbrook saves their clients 341 hours and tens of thousands of dollars on each deal • Your Game Plan Report will show you how!
  15. 15. Have Grand Openings for Your Business
  16. 16. Paying $99 a month gives you immediate access to the Strongbrook Team, expert training, coaching, & hot market deals
  17. 17. • Capture business deductions (home, office, cell phone, mileage, PSA, etc.) • Automated expense tracker syncs with your bank accounts • One click tax reporting • Access anywhere, anytime by phone or computer • Average savings of $150-$600/mo • Your MAP PSA pays for itself • If your IBD business never makes a sale your MAP PSA can still be paid for This report is designed to estimate Schedule C of Form 1040. Some of the information displayed in this report is based on estimates and therefore is not to be relied upon as a source document for the preparation of a tax return. Please refer to the information contained in the “Tax Report” for the preparation of a tax return. Consult your tax professional to see if this fits your circumstances. 24 This is not to be taken as tax advice.
  18. 18. Earn Transaction Credits Each referral which purchases a home produces a “transaction credit” 75 Transaction Credits Accumulate 75 transaction credits to earn the $35,000 home bonus! Earn unlimited bonus’!
  19. 19. 33
  20. 20. Potentially earn a 6-figure income Quit your job Bring financial freedom to others Be part of a team making a difference in the world Build a real estate portfolio with no money 46
  21. 21. 37
  22. 22. Follow Strongbrook’s simple proven system with exactness for best results! Do your best to make a list of 250 people you know or more. Send out Strongbrook’s Grand Opening invitation at least 4 weeks prior. Call every invitee and invite them to come to your Grand Opening at least 3 week prior. Call your RSVP’s the week before and remind them to come. 38