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May 2012 missing pages


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Published in: Spiritual, Self Improvement
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May 2012 missing pages

  1. 1. may contents2 History Makers and a Mother’s Prayer4 Sometimes I Just Wanna Quit6 A Cup of Cold Water in His Name8 What’s Your That?10 Are You Driven or Led?12 Three Marriage-Saving Principles15 Ministry News Cover photo by Dale Glasgow Sharon is sitting on the rock where Mary Washington prayed for her son, George. Mary spent so much time there, she is actually buried beneath the rock.Get to know Sharon Glasgow By Sharon GlasgowIf I were an animal, I’d be an eagle so I could soar above the mountains and experience Profoundly affected by God’s creation to the fullest. the fervent prayers ofMy favorite ice cream flavor is Breyer’s her own mother, Sharon Reese’s Overload. looks at fellow prayerIf I could go anywhere in the world it would be Israel. warrior moms whoseWords my family would use to describe me prayers for their children are sacrificial and loving. literally altered theIf I had a day to do anything I wanted to do, course of history. She I would go to the mountains, stay in a shows how this power cabin that overlooked waterfalls and majestic scenery and worship the Father. is available to every Christian mother.Mountains or beach? I would live in the mountains and vacation at the beach. 2 P31 Woman | may 2012
  2. 2. History Makers and a Mother’s Prayer … Continued from page 3 Every Christian mother with unwavering passion and persistence. contending, interceding and When I stand before the judgment seat of praying for her children has the Christ I want to be counted among the hall potential to change the course of of fame history makers like Moses’ parents history for God’s glory. Our were in Hebrews chapter 11. God rewards world is in need of God-filled those who believe in Him and diligently history makers to rise to the seek Him. So rise up mothers and be strong calling right now. I’m setting a in the Lord and in the power of His might challenge for myself and would as you pray to Him who is able to do love for you to join me. I am going to immeasurably more than you can think orSharon’s husband Dale pray more diligently than ever for our chil- imagine. vGlasgow painted thisimage of Mary Washington dren and their future. I will stand on theseblessing her son George promises of God as I pray:Washington before his • Matthew 21: 22, “And whatever Sharon Glasgow is a speaker and author forinauguration as President,March 12,1789. Enter things you ask in prayer, believing, you Proverbs 31 Ministries. She and her husbanddrawing to win a free will receive.” Dale, have five daughters, two sons-in-lawprint of this by going • John 14:13-14, “And whatever you ask in and two grandchildren. You can learn more My Name, that I will do, that the father about Sharon, how to book her for an event may be glorified in the Son .If you ask or enter your name for a free drawing anything in my name, I will do it.” of a beautiful print her husband painted of I will pray as my mother did for me, for Mary Washington blessing George Washington our children and for generations to come at A Cup of Cold Water in His Name … Continued from page 7 it makes to help one fatherless child when millions of to help those around you, remember whatever you other orphans suffer around the world. But the truth do in Jesus’ name to just one person in need, even if is Jesus rarely calls one person to minister to masses it’s just to give a cup of cold water, you have done it of suffering people. Instead, He teaches us in to Christ himself. Matthew 25:40 the importance of helping one needy One really does matter. v person. Our Savior put so much emphasis on helping just one person He tells us when we help a needy Lorie Newman is a national speaker, author and busy person, we have done it to Jesus himself. homeschooling mother of seven children. Her professional Wherever you are in life, whether you are a home- background and degree is in education, but Lorie also maker with little ones, a business person with a enjoys freelance writing and speaking at Christian retreats demanding career, a single parent and ministry events. Lorie, her husband, Duane, and their working two jobs, or a retired seven children — including twins and two children who person looking to volunteer, were internationally adopted — make their home in the Christ will meet you right where mountains of North Carolina. you are in your desire to care for the hurting. You can accept Jesus’ Taken from “A Cup of Cold Water in His Name: 60 Ways to invitation to care for the needy no Care for the Needy.” © 2012 by Lorie Newman. Used by matter your schedule, season of permission of Discovery House Publishers, Box 3566, life, financial situation, education level, or past failures. Grand Rapids, MI 49501. All rights reserved. Please see the When you pray and ask the Lord to reveal ways back page for ordering information. 14 P31 Woman | may 2012