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  1. 1. Why you SHOULD #tag your post… *Using pictures taken from anime or fan art instead of photos in order to respect privacy laws. Also, sorry for bad grammar and misspell.
  2. 2. This is Lucia – imagine she’s a tumblr user, one of us.
  3. 3. … and she’s Naoko – imagine she’s too a tumblr user.
  4. 4. Lucia is an active tumblr user. She often reblogs and makes posts to share with her follower. Yeah, she does too that «Lucia is…» stuff about reading, watching, etc… As followers, we are glad to partecipate to her life, however… SHE NEVER TAGS HER POST!!!!! not even a single note! i mean, what about a shorten?? nope!
  5. 5. • She’s lazy; • She doesn’t find it useful; • She just reblogs because she likes the posts; (no excuse, though!) • She just wants to post nice stuff on her blog, so she actually has no need to tag stuff; • there might be reasons i can’t think of…. and last but not least, • She doesn’t think (or care?) if her posts might disturb or annoy one of her followers… You might wonder… «But why?» Well, there might be reasons to this…
  6. 6. This is her inbox… but oh, I bet she doesn’t care about it. How many actually do care about these requests?
  7. 7. Naoko too is a very active user. She spends a lot of time on tumblr looking for posts, replying to her friends, sharing some images. And she loves talking to her followers as well. You know what? SHE TAGS EVERYTHING, EVEN GREETINGS POST FOR HER FOLLOWERS!
  8. 8. One might say «She’s stupid to tag her posts!» • She has an organized blog. If she looked for a specific tag, she would find it soon; • She cares to avoid spoiler or disturbing posts to her followers; • Her followers asked her to tag some posts, because they don’t want to see certain stuff on their dashboard; (seems legit) • To help a follower looking for a tag in her blog and also avoiding some posts during the reasearch (especially the spoiler ones) without checking the whole archive; • Many other reasons I can’t think of, to be honest… However, what are her reasons?
  9. 9. But let’s not forget about a last and important friend... TUMBLR SAVIOR What is it? “Tumblr Savior is a handy extension for *…+ Tumblr” (http://thankyoutumblrsavior.tumblr.com/faq) What is it needed for? “Tumblr Savior will save you from posts” containing specific words (#tags)
  10. 10. Example of use for Tumblr Savior…
  11. 11. In order to use Tumblr Savior, the user must put some key words in the blacklist. Those words will avoid the user to see unwanted post on the dashboard. You don’t want to see Snk posts… here! You won’t see it unless you click on the «warning» post. This way, you will see only the post you want on your dashboard and Tumblr Savior will not show you the unwanted ones.
  12. 12. However, this happens only if the post is tagged with the word you blacklisted and IF the user tagged their post. If they didn’t, you’ll see every single post… NO TAG FULL POST
  13. 13. Lucia posted again untagged posts about a very popular anime and posted her edits as soon as the raw of the last episode was released. Naoko follows Lucia. Naoko was about to see this new popular anime her friends have been talking about, but when she logged in tumblr she found gifs about the main event of the episode – such as the death of the main character… She looked at the screen speechless and decided to watch not the anime. Why would she have, since Lucia spoiled her the ast episode? However…
  14. 14. Do you think is it Lucia to be blamed? Or is it Naoko? Which one of the two is right? Lucia – she made a gifset… okay…. since the episode was just released and not everyone watched it, why didn’t she use the tag #spoiler ? But that is not only a matter of spoiler. What if Lucia posted again one of her BL playthrough? Maybe, Naoko doesn’t stand BL (how many do?) and might be feel disturbed seeing naked men having sex. Or what about Lucia posting some gore? What if she posted realistic gore? Would Naoko stand such pictures on her dashboard? Or again, what if Lucia posted picture about animals Naoko is afraid of, or about animals being hurt? Tags should avoid Naoko to see everything she doesn’t want to see. Naoko – «she shouldn’t follow Lucia’s blog if most of her pictures are not of her like» However, she finds her blog very nice and she likes her edits. Just because of this she shouldn’t be allowed to follow her? Because of that she should see the things Lucia posts without saying a word? She has the right to blacklist tags, as Lucia should tags her posts so that her followers don’t find themselves asking her to tag posts or to unfollow her.
  15. 15. So, why SHOULD you tag your posts? Because some followers are extremely sensitive to some posts and cannot stand the sight. We cannot disturb them with things they don’t want to see and if we truly love our followers, let’s put a small word in the lower part of the post. Even a small one. Let us allow them to blacklist some of our posts and see others. If tags exist and so does Tumblr Savior, why are we making them useless depriving them of their original work? They have a purpose, but let us not just use them to say #hiiii lucia!! your new edit is great; #lucia this new BL game is skjdakldjaldkj and nonsense. Let us try to use them also to do some good to our followers. Really, a follower will thank you forever if you avoid them certain posts on their dash and will hate you forever if you don’t.
  16. 16. Lucia’s followers – how some of them see her…
  17. 17. Naoko’s followers – how they see her… *yeah, it’s a bit exhaggerated, however, some people will really treat you like a god if you tag your post. they’ll be really greatful to you, forever