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Write Around Fairfield


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Slideshow celebrating the outcomes of the Write Around Fairfield workshops along with photography from Fairfield.

Published in: Art & Photos
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Write Around Fairfield

  1. 1. Behind the willows, over the brook close by the brambles, where the vixen feeds her cubs: A bit of wilderness where the roe deer live
  2. 2. The hay twirls then drops Dust fills the hayfield air: a day’s work to him.
  3. 3. The white cow sinks knee-deep into Alder Pond - ignores her image.
  4. 4. So that’s how they make shredded wheat!
  5. 5. The wind at her back; a moment of pause before hungry mouths at home
  6. 6. Alder Pond, church spire, the herd lies on the lea; I could have as little to do.
  7. 7. Old man heron, Lord of all he surveys
  8. 8. Their scent fills the nostrils Their quiet hum gives him courage Wax, nectar honey
  9. 9. One black, one white calf Slope off to find pastures new A third stands and looks
  10. 10. Housing crisis, what housing crisis?
  11. 11. Trees on the skyline standing proud in their height Twigs stretch for the clouds
  12. 12. How frozen the heart that the murmuration’s swoop can no longer thaw
  13. 13. A cold northeasterly brings the handsome redwing to feast at our table
  14. 14. The rustle of reeds, the squelch of boots Then the sky full of snipe, batting about. It’s the flush count again!
  15. 15. Sun sinks behind cloud; clusters of black coral stand: a white sheet beneath
  16. 16. Feasting has finished. Red baubles left on branches keep memory full
  17. 17. The old Ash beckons footprints follow The sky thickens
  18. 18. Cold feet, icy air Early lambs have it hardest, Spring is unheard of.
  19. 19. A traveller from an arctic land…
  20. 20. You’re too late; the snow queen has passed. Life will return as Spring takes hold.
  21. 21. The curlew’s lonely cry - Heads lift to follow her trail Heading seaward still.
  22. 22. Fragile blossom. Warm breeze shakes the laden branch; Dancing snowflakes fall
  23. 23. Now the paparazzi are here, We’ll be all over the gossip columns!
  24. 24. I’ve got a wonderful feeling, Everything’s going my way!
  25. 25. DDPt 19 (14), 1324
  26. 26. Thank you to our... Accountant and architects, Bakers, beekeepers and bunting makers, Cakes, cricketers and creative writers, Donors and detectorists, Event and exhibition organisers, ecologists and engineers, Friends of the Fairfield Association and Forest Schools, Grant givers, graziers and graffiti sanders, Hedge layers, haymakers, hare recorder, historians and the Heritage Lottery Fund, IT experts and insect identifiers, Joanna our stone carver, the King and Queen and Lords and Ladies of the Orchard, Musicians, mapmakers and most of all Members of the FA, Natural England, nettle slashers and newsletter deliverers, Orchard Volunteers and our outreach to schools, Ploughmen and Photographers, QEII status, Ragwort diggers and the RSPB, Scythers, secretaries, seed collectors, and strimmers, Our treasurer and trustees, The University’s Green Lancaster, Volunteers of every kind, White Park Cattle and the Wildlife Trust, Xmas carol singers, The Young Offenders who laid our path, And the Zen Buddhists and all those others who just turn up and help.