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Used these slides to fundraise for the PICTI incubator with the donor community

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  1. 1. You Can! Mr. Laith Kassis CEO Laith.kassis@picti.ps www.picti.ps
  2. 2. Copyright © 2010 Assist entrepreneurs commercialize their ideas by establishing new start-up companies and develop job opportunities Non-Government, Non-profit Organization established in 2004 with a Partnership Model. Mission and Governance You Can! The Palestinian IT Association of companies and the Palestine Trade Center are the founders. Recently, the Palestine Investment Fund has accepted to join the BoD. Partners
  3. 3. PICTI Governance Structure PICTI Board of Directors Administrative Manager Financial Officer/ Controller Executive Management Financial Network Knowledge Network IT Systems Manager Business Advisor(s) Gaza Office Now Open PICT Seed Fund Investment Committee Advisory Board Other VC Funds
  4. 4. PICTI Supporting Entrepreneurship & Innovation Ecosystem in Palestine Development Channels: Contests, IT Companies, Professionals, Universities, Entrepreneur Community, Knowledge Network and HNI Enabling Network: Road Shows, Investment Promotion, Business Angels, Investors, Venture Capital, Market Access Ideas, Innovation Entrepreneurs Knowledge Finance INPUT Marketed Products Valued Start-ups Revenue Skills / Jobs OUTPUT IUG PICTI HSITCE KPITIESKITCE ICP FKITCE BZU NZ
  5. 5. Bootstrap & 3 Fs Public Grants / CSR Business Angels PE / VC Vehicle Funds Corporate Venturing Public Listing / IPO Source of Funding Technology Enterprise Financing – How It Works and PICTI Mobilizing of Resources Proof of Concept Funding Seed Start-up 1st, 2nd .. Rounds Development Capital MBO / MBI M&A IPO Type of Funding R&D / Idea Start-up Early growth Accelerating growth Sustaining growth Maturity growth Stage in Cycle Valley of Death! escaping the Valley of Death ….. entrepreneurship practice … Incubators PIF/Abraj Siraj MEVCF
  6. 6. and orders and inventory and the approvals We have all Sizes Several Failures Reported Deliveries Are Late The Market Estimate Was Wrong Now he loves it The Boss Hates the Project PICTI Working with Entrepreneurs and Start-ups (the Ups! and the Downs!) We don’t have enough resources They Need All Sizes It does not always Failures in field trials Yes it is! It works! Despair Time Enthusiasm The customer likes it! We need help It’s not proprietary Costs are too High New costs look great Source: Commercializing New Technologies: Getting from Mind to Market) by Vijay K. Jolly (Author) We Need Documentation I have an Idea We have a fix It Works Advisory Mentoring Coaching Networking Documentation Done It Always Work! We Have an Order They Like It We’ll Make It Costs Are Better
  7. 7. Incubation Process & Services – Seed Stages Outreach Screening Pre- Incubation Enterprise Development Incubation Graduation & Post High Growth Model – PICTI Aligning its incubation to the Investment Process. Financing (seed, early stage and linkages) Developing Business Plan & Strategies Recruiting Human Resources & Key Staff Product Development Sourcing Customers and Strategic Alliances Optimizing Operations Providing Infrastructure Structuring Legal and Financial Transaction Solving Problems and Mitigating Risks VALUEADDED SERVICES Trade Sale (M&A) MBI MBO IPO VC Round Business Dev > Employees  $ Sales STRATEGIES Web Site, Brochures Exhibitions Workshops (in & out) Ads (Newspapers, SIG) Success Stories Word of Mouth OUTREACH Market Growth and Capability Entrepreneurial Management Team Proprietary Concept Product or Service Appraisal Compelling Business Model Sound Financial Model Attractive for Other Stages VC or  National Initiatives Strong potential to benefit from us EVALUATION CRITERIA Deal Flow Sourcing Opportunity evaluation Due Diligence Structuring/ Negotiation Investment Management Exit Fund Pre-Investment Fund Post-Investment Investment approval Fund Process & Services
  8. 8. Education and Training Research Studies Development of Online Content Entrepreneurship -related educational videos and materials Research Studies Technology Entrepreneurship, Incubation, Seed Funding, Angel Investors, etc Incubation Program Corporate incubator programs Marketing and support to interested Applicants by MBR Foundation Workshops Business leaders and Entrepreneurs to discuss own experiences Outreach Seminars Expert forums on business related topics Match-making events Early stage Investors Provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to present business concepts and financials for potential funding Marketing Incubator Host info sessions to raise awareness of business incubation services Incubator to promote SMEs, Entrepreneurs and innovation PICTI Plans Technology Business Plan Contest Promote Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship Seed Fund Linked to PICTI Team Start Marketing and support to interested Applicants by Mercy Corps and British Consulate Bedaya supported by CISCO and USAID
  9. 9. Development Agencies Shift Priority for SME Demonstrate Agility Catalyze for Ecosystem: Infrastructure, Knowledge, Technology, Markets, Mentors, Seed Money, Linkages, Values, Government Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy Financing Seed and Early Stages Attracting Multinationals Signaling for Solutions and Purchase Locally Entrepreneurship Education Flagship Entrepreneurship Course Education for Venture Creation in HEI Business Plan Contest Entrepreneurship Clubs Required Support from our Stakeholders New Culture: Not a Zero Sum Game …Contribute Time, Talent and Treasure (3Ts) High Networth Individuals Angel Investors Corporate Venturing Successful Entrepreneurs Dedicate and Experienced Mentorship Founder friendly Seed Capital Technical, Mar ket, Knowledg e Smart and Best of Class Incubation Infrastructure PICTI Efficiency
  10. 10. PICTI Passion: Why We Do It Establishing MSME: Exporting of Software: Web Based PoS: By Al-Andalus Company. Now selling in Dubai at Grand Stores. Creating Value and Accessing VC Investments for Yooyaland Developing Quality Job Opportunities more than 1 5 0 Qualified Individuals including employment services for new graduates PICTI Incubation is about People, Technology, Process, Business Relationships and Economic Development
  11. 11. PICTI Team Start Projects @ the Palestine Investment Conference IBTAKER: open technology lab kit to school and college students to practice on hands their curriculum. Mr. Emad Ammouri and Mr. Husam Ateyah are behind this project. The project is specialized in providing technological products to the educational and business sectors. • Patented • Initial Sales contracts were approved to supply: • UNRWA with 100 Kits • Lutheran with 14 Kits • Five Kits were donated to BZU • Palestine Education Initiative Shobiddak? is an online classified ad website founded by Eng. Ubaida Zahdeh. It aims at bringing Palestinian businesses into online advertisement. • Sales contracts with different new clients including • Jawwal • + 1850 Commercial Entity Elia is a virtual mall of Palestinian products. It was founded by Amer and Samah Sultan starting e-shop JAFRA, which is about Palestinian traditional products and heritage. NIBIRU is specialized in meeting customers’ needs for remote and mobile based security and control systems. Nibiru was founded by Mr. Omar Ghanem and Ms. Maysa Al-Sharef. • Initial Sales contract were approved to supply • residential, manufacturing warehouse, clinic
  12. 12. Thank You! Copyright © 2008 Al Sheikh Commercial Tower, 4th floor, Al-Quds Street Al-Bireh, Palestine, Tel: +970 2 240 9290 Fax: +970 2 240 9294 www.picti.ps ceo@picti.ps You Can!