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Non profit power point


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The Bridge is a non-profit organization that helps and assists with people that are in need whether it is in everyday living or help after a natural disaster.

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Non profit power point

  1. 1. Mark Natoli March 18, 2012MGMT 321 Leadership and Motivation
  2. 2.  A non-profit organization aimed to bridge the gap in the name of Jesus Christ. To help when and where no other agencies are available.
  3. 3.  Clearinghouse Clothes Closet Helping Hands Kids at Risk Mobile Food Pantry Fellowship Dinners
  4. 4.  Clothing Household Goods Bedding Toys Furniture Appliances Limited Power Washers and Generators free of charge Monetary vouchers until distributed
  5. 5.  Clothes Closet – Sorting and straightening items to serve. Mobile Food Pantry – Food distribution on the 3rd Wednesday of every month between 1-2:30 pm. Helping Hands – Pick up, deliver, organize furniture and the warehouse. Fellowship Meals – Sponsors 5 fellowship meals each year.
  6. 6.  Monetary donations via credit card In-kind (skill sets that could be used that others might not have) Used Item donations Virtual Assistance drive