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Dao thi thu huyen


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Dao thi thu huyen

  1. 1. Launching protective enviroment Implemented by: Dao Thi Thu Huyen Class: 8B School: Nguyen Du High school Email: huyendtt99_tn Phone: 01259002616
  2. 2. • Nowaday, Environment is one of the issues which everybody always notice.I had participated in many activities to protect the environment and I want to contribute to one part of myenergy on that work.which to make environment is always green, clean and beautiful
  3. 3. Goals1.Plant more trees2.Collect waste3.advocacy for people with environmental protection
  4. 4. Planning1.Launching a movement to plant trees in schools, classrooms and neighborhoods2.Collect waste which surrounds household, neighbourhood, ect.3.Provided information for protecting to everybody. Help people to understand the significance of environmental protection and benefits of a clean atmosphere brings people
  5. 5. Result1.Have a clean enviroment
  6. 6. Result2. Prevent disease
  7. 7. Result3. Everybody know how to protect enviroment