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  1. 1.  There are several websites that offer electronic textbooks: eCampus offers a wide variety of electronic textbooks at reasonable prices. Kno has several helpful features, including a “quiz me” button that tests readers on content from their textbook.
  2. 2.  Electronic textbooks are digital versions of school books that can be read on a computer or e-book reader. Many of them include additional features, such as videos and/or pronunciation tools for students.
  3. 3.  Students are able to load all of their books onto their computer or tablet. Electronic textbooks are more affordable than books that are only available in print. E-books make it easy to search a specific word or topic throughout the entire book.
  4. 4.  There are not as many electronic textbooks available. Electronic textbooks are cheaper than new textbooks, but there is not a way to purchase used textbooks. They are not as practical or convenient for taking notes.
  5. 5. Click on the picture to learn more about howelectronic textbooks could be beneficial to students.
  6. 6.  As of now, most public school systems cannot afford laptops for all of their students. While it is becoming more affordable, it will likely be a gradual transition that will ultimately incorporate various types of media.
  7. 7.  E-books are significantly more affordable than traditional textbooks. Students can purchase a black and white e-book for about $25, while a textbook in print costs about $150.
  8. 8.  This chart shows that while electronic textbooks are cheaper, many students are not taking full advantage of all that they have to offer. This could be due to the fact that e-books are still relatively new and students are not as familiar with this technology.
  9. 9.  It is also harder to refer back to notes and/or study guides through an electronic book. It seems as though many teachers and students prefer an eclectic approach when it comes to truly benefiting from their education.
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