Strengthen the cell phone screen hardness


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Strengthen the cell phone screen hardness

  1. 1. Strengthen the cell phone screen hardnessSamsung and Apple are trying to be accounted for by raising the screen glass hardness, andstrengthen the high-end smartphone City. Samsung and Apple are planning a new generation ofhigh-end smart phones, the import intensity up to the 800Mpa the protection glass to reducescreen breakage rate and increase the security by the end consumer. To take to pull the bigcompetitors in the hardware specifications gap to consolidate the status of high-end smart phonemarket. IHSDisplaybank, senior industry analyst WU Shan with, Samsung and Apple is gearing up toexpand its high-end smart phones to import the layout of the On-cell and In-cell touch panel, topull and competitors in the hardware specifications of difference. IHSDisplaybank, senior industry analyst NATIONAL NATURAL with that to improve therobustness of the screen, Samsung and Apples next-generation smartphone R & D direction.Consider the double-glass (G / G) pairs (G / F / F) thin-film and monolithic glass (OGS) Touchprogram is adopted to protect the glass and touch panel before fitting and then cutting process, ifthe intensity of use 600Mpa above the protection of glass prone to rupture when cutting,reducing the production yield. Potential to be used to protect the glass and the touch panelbefore cutting paste together the On-cell and embedded (In-cell) technology, in order to use thestrength of up to protect the glass more than 800Mpa. As a result, the On-cell and In-cell havebeen Samsung and Apple next-generation high-end smart phone products, the preferred touch
  2. 2. program. It is understood that Samsung plans to release in the second half carrying Flexibleactive-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) panel YOUM high-end smart phone, thatimports its own On-cell technology; As for Apple, as Sharp ( Sharp), LG Display (LGD) and Toshibaaction (TMD) and three In-cell touch panel supplier capacity in the second half and eventuallyopened, will also start a program of in-cell, high-end smart phone layout. NATIONAL NATURAL with, Samsung and Apples high-end smart phones to establish a newglass strength specifications, the new entrants is bound to increase barriers to entry, and forcingother smart phone brands to upgrade the hardware, so as not to impact market share. However,the other smart phone brands high-end smartphone shipments scale less than the Samsung andApple, the use of a custom On-cell or In-cell Touch program will not cost effective, but the use ofstandards is facing not the product differentiation dilemma. On the other hand, WU Shan with the view that Samsung and Apples high-end smartphones into the On-cell and In-cell touch technology, except to improve the competitiveadvantage of the hardware, due to the On-cell and In-cell touch panel turn a single supply frompanel makers, so it simplifies the supply chain management, no longer have to face differenttouch panel material suppliers. In contrast, the panel plant will be even more challenging grim.