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Capability Statement Final

  1. 1. About Us Pathway Communications Group, LLC is a provider of business solutions and services that enable our clients to effectively focus on their core business objectives; we provide a full range of services. There are many companies that can meet any one of today’s demands, but Pathway Communications Group, LLC is unique in its ability to support its customers and to bring maximum value to a business relationship. Pathway Communications Group, LLC national footprint is achieved through our direct employees and our network of partners, making it possible for us to respond to our clients needs efficiently and effectively. Our total dedication to your project begins on day one. Our behind the-scenes, internal support teams have the tools in place to monitor task status, project time line, material management and personal requirements efficiently. The advantage to you is a consistent and continuous flow of up-to-date information on all phases of your project. You can count on Pathway Communications Group, LLC to deliver on two fundamental principles – trust and talent. By trusting us to do what we do best, you have the freedom to focus on what you do best. Current Certification:  State of New Jersey - Small Business Enterprise.  Member of New Jersey Association of Minority Contractors (NAMAC)  Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)  Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE)  NJ Public Work Contractor Pathway Communications Group, LLC offer products and solutions from, but not limited to the following manufactures:  Cisco  VoSKY  IBM  HP  Dell  Avaya  Lenovo  and others Pathway Communications Group, LLC One Harmon Plaza, 10th Floor, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Phone: 201-210-2430 Fax: 866-371-7318
  2. 2. Network Installation & Integration If your network has become too complex and you cannot keep track on what is happening, we are here to do the job for you. PCG Network Managed Services, design, installs, manage and maintain your network infrastructure that ensures increased network performance. Our Network Certified engineers and installers will maximize the value of your IT investment by focusing on your core business. Like any complex system, your network needs constant attention to ensure optimal performance. When you don't have the time or resources to monitor and manage it, you risk it failing when you or your customers need it most. To avoid costly downtime and inadequate processing performance, you need PCG’s comprehensive server monitoring and network reporting services. Our 24x7 server monitoring and network reporting services give you round-the-clock monitoring of your performance, operability and capacity of your mission-critical hosted solution. Our server monitoring services not only help you diagnose problems that occur, they predict potential problems so you can prevent them and plan for any necessary system upgrades. PCG recommends and install key business applications to give your organization the horsepower it needs to succeed. Sample applications include:  Database Applications  Network Backup  Web Applications  Bandwidth Management  E-Mail And Voice Base Alerts  Enhanced Security Management  Monitoring VPN And Network Nodes  Logistical Fault Identification And Resolution  Installation, Configuration And Management Of Network Devices Web Design Overview Pathway Communications Group, LLC provide total web solutions to the end user, creating user friendly websites that re-enforce branding and strengthen customer loyalty. Our expertise is in developing innovative websites with both static and dynamic solutions using a variety of tools including Flash and We specialized in designing and developing all sites, keeping in mind the Search Engine Optimization on the web. We provide database administration and support that includes design/build and or review document in your database. We take great pride in designing sites that are informative, intuitive, and easy to use experience for the visitor or owner - all while maintaining a high-quality aesthetic. Pathway Communications Group, LLC One Harmon Plaza, 10th Floor, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Phone: 201-210-2430 Fax: 866-371-7318
  3. 3. Sample Services include:  Creative Website Design  Flash Websites  Business Website Design  Online Product Demos  Personal Website Design Software Products Overview PCG Professional Services delivers industry leading installation services to help companies optimize the installation process-from planning and building to distribution. One of the most important steps in the software lifecycle is the software installation process-but ensuring that your products can be effectively and easily installed at a customer location can be challenging for many companies. PCG Professional Services provides the expertise you need for all critical build requirements, including engineering, distribution and product updating Ensembler (CRM):- An Enterprise Relationship Management product which provides a fully integrated package for Sales automation, CRM and Advanced Analytics. This can be configured as per client’s requirement as a hosted managed service or as an on premise appliance. < Arcane (Voice Loggers):- Arcane is a fully featured digital voice recording solution for Call Centers, Homeland security and Financial Organizations. The Arcane platform offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of configurations and scale of deployments. Pathway Communications Group, LLC One Harmon Plaza, 10th Floor, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Phone: 201-210-2430 Fax: 866-371-7318
  4. 4. Konfer (Audio Conferencing System):- Konfer is a multi party conferencing bridge. It offers Audio, Video, and IP conferencing capabilities on a single platform. Features include web based setup and conference control, SMS and Email based alerts, voice recording, full featured emergency alerting and integration with MS Outlook. It is offered in two configurations:- as a pre-paid /post paid service platform for Telco’s and an Enterprise conferencing solution for business/government users. VoiceXchange (IVR): - The VoiceXchange has a configurable call flow that offers a fully integrated Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This product connects the customer’s databases, telephones, and fax machines. Customers can place calls and receive answers to specific questions or place an order and receive faxed confirmation. The parameters that define an IVR is the size of the system which is calculated on basis of the number of ports required by the customer, the call flow and the complexity in integrating with the backend database. This product is suited for Financial and Government Institutions, Banks, Railways, Educational Institutions and Call Centres/BPOs Pathway Communications Group, LLC One Harmon Plaza, 10th Floor, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Phone: 201-210-2430 Fax: 866-371-7318
  5. 5. FaxXchange (FAX Server):- A centralized fax server solution that allows users to send and receive faxes directly from their desktops. This server provides the perfect network fax solutions for business of all sizes. UniVersus (Unified Communication):- UniVersus is centrally managed messaging platforms by which users can manage, synchronize and coordinate service. It integrates E-mail, SMS, telephone, Cell phone, FAX and any communication channels. UniVersus interacts across a broad range of communication channels. Solutions: Complaint Management: Offers complaint handling software which we have installed in different verticals. A person can register a complaint from a Phone (IVR), Web, touch screen, SMS and Email and the call would be redirected to the department that will attend to the problem directly. Emergency Alerting System: This is an emergency alerting system for Airport. In the case of emergency, certain groups can be put on conference to seek out the issues (Management). At the same time an SMS goes out to all of these people and the conversation is recorded and saved. Managed Services: Managed backup solutions serve to greatly reduce the risk of catastrophic failure to your hosting architecture, PCG Managed Backup solution stores the data on a centrally managed storage solution so that if the your hardware does fail, your data can be easily restored to new or repaired hardware. We use a variety of software solutions to create and manage backup/recovery solutions including: Pathway Communications Group, LLC One Harmon Plaza, 10th Floor, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Phone: 201-210-2430 Fax: 866-371-7318
  6. 6. PCG manages the entire solution, including initial set up and configuration, tracking failures and routine changes to the Backup configuration. Data backups are performed from all servers and onto your chosen media as opposed to local drive partitions.. Web Security: PCG provides Web Application Security Assessment, Penetration testing, Physical Security Device Assessment, Network Design Security Assessment, Product security Assessment (Fire Walls, IDS, Antivirus etc) and Secure Diagnose. Enterprise Services: We undertake IT Projects on a fixed Time and Material basis with our focus on technologies like Microsoft, Java, SharePoint, ERP, Enterprise Application Integration, Data warehousing. Apart from design, development, testing and implementation of an application we also undertake Application Migration and Up gradation activities. Government State/Local SMB Banking Business Hospitals Insurance Schools Companies Airports Vertical Enterprise Call Centers Businesses Hospitality Mortgage Industry Companies Services Overview Pathway Communications Group, LLC along with its partners have been providing business solutions services throughout the State of New Jersey for over ten years. These include the following services:  Local and Wide Area Networking  Software Development  Database Services  Help Desk Services  Inside Plant Cabling Services  Managed Services  Outside Plant Cabling Services  Telephony Integration  Copper, Fiber, Air Blown and Conduit  VOIP and other converged networks  Broadband Video Systems  Wireless Implementation  OS Services  Audio Visual  Staging and Configuration Services  Security Systems  Network Design & Implementations  Voice, Web & Video Conferencing Services Pathway Communications Group, LLC One Harmon Plaza, 10th Floor, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Phone: 201-210-2430 Fax: 866-371-7318
  7. 7. Qualifications:  BICSI® Certified Technicians Safety Record  BICSI® RCDD Designation  Installations Compliant with  Cisco Certified Technicians BICSI®, EIA/TIA, NEC, NEMA, IEEE & OSHA Industry Standards  Avaya Certified Technicians and Codes  Microsoft Certified Technicians  OSHA Compliant with Excellent Pathway Communications Group, LLC One Harmon Plaza, 10th Floor, Secaucus, NJ 07094 Phone: 201-210-2430 Fax: 866-371-7318