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Dsb rulebook

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Dsb rulebook

  1. 1. DSB League MembersDC Salary Leagues are all free leagues. Hoops, Baseball, Football FAll members must be active and able to check into the league forumddaily.MMembers must be able to make a long term commitment.Team names must have a location (city/state) and nickname e.g. NewYYork SpinnersAllA members must use AIM/Email regularly.Inactivity or tanking games is grounds for immediate removal, noquestions asked. Inactivity includes not signing into the forum, keepingup with your team in yahoo for any period of time, not usingAIM/returning emails, or not voting on league matters. Yahoo Settings116 or 12 teams (4 or 3 divisions)HHead to HeadHosted by Yahoo!HPlayoffs: Division winners advance but are seeded according to overallstandings: The winners of each division will advance to the playoffs andall other playoff teams will be determined by overall standings. Playoffseeds will be determined by overall standings regardless of divisionresults. StatisticsDSB: [9x9]Hitters: R 2B 3B HR RBI SB BB K AVGPitchers: W L QS HLD SV K ERA WHIP HR
  2. 2. Minimum Innings Pitched: 25 Team SalaryTeam Salary: At the beginning of each season, when free agency opens,all teams will be allotted their salary. All salary is accounted for and atno point will it be rounded up or down.DSB: $200 Million Rollover Salary: Any money remaining from the previous season can beused toward the next season.uDSB: (War Chest) Teams will have a "war chest" which will keep theirrolled over money in it. Teams can only make deposits after the seasonends, but can withdraw any amount at any time. The max a team candeposit into their "war chest" is $70M (after each season) and the maxthe war chest can be at any time is $200M.tTeam Bonuses:TDSB: Division Champion $2.5M, Wild card $1M, and the WS Champ willget an extra $3M. The team with the AL & NL MVP and Cy Young willreceive $400k for each player.rTeam Fines:TIllegal roster - $2M fine and $500k each day after.IDSB: Not activating a minor leaguer within 72 hours - $1M and $500keach day after. Players Contracts & Salaries P About Contracts: All players must be under contract to play on a team.All contracts are guaranteed. Owners can assign the following contractlengths:lDSB: 1-5 years (RFA’s – 6 years)
  3. 3. CContract Length/Minimum Salary Scale (when signing free agents): Length of D DSB C Contract 1 year $ $400k $ $800k per 2 years $ $2M per 3 years $ $3M per 4 years $ $4M per 5 years $25M per(RFA Only) ( 6 years $ $25M per M Max Salary Contract Buyouts and Voids CAbout Contract Buyouts: Teams can buyout players contracts before the
  4. 4. trade deadline. The team will pay 50% of the players Avg salary for allyears remaining and the player will go to free agency. After a seasoneends the next seasons buyout will be available to use immediately.Number of Buyouts per season:NDSB: 2 playersContract Buyout Eligibility: Players must be on the teams roster for aminimum of 2 FULL match-ups to be eligible for a contract buyout.Buyouts cannot be used on the following players:DSB: A 38+ AgeContract Buyout Settlement: A team has the option of settling thecontract in a lump sum or if the player has more than one season left onhis contract the buy-out money can be distributed over the remainingseasons (50% off each season remaining). If money is owed (because ofAvg Salary) the team can distribute the money over any guaranteed yearsremaining. If any cash is credited it will come off the players remainingsalary.sNo set-off: If a players contract is bought out by a team, and the playeris signed through free agency, the player’s original team cannot set-offthe difference of contracts.tResigning: After a player has been released and a teams buyout wasused, the releasing team cannot bid on the player in free agency for 21days.dContract Voids: If a player retires or his contract is voided by his "real"team for any reason, an owner has the option to void the player’scontract within 14 days of the official retirement/void announcement.Once a player’s contract is voided the team no longer has any rights tothe player and the player is now a F/A. The releasing team cannot resignthe player in free agency for 90 days.tRetired Players Clause: Each years salary that is voided will be theplayers avg season salary and any remaining money will be owed. Thefollowing is a list of the number of years that can be voided for a playersage:a D DSB229 and under - All yearsPlayers 30-32 - 2 years
  5. 5. PPlayers 33-37 - 1 yearPlayers 38+ - 0 yearsPNote: Once a player retires a team buyout cannot be used. The teammust use the retirement scale. If a player retires within 90 days of ateam using their buyout, the buyout will be rescinded and the team mustuse the buyout scale if they want to void a contract. Contract Structuring CAbout Structuring Contracts (Optional): When a team signs a contractthat is more than 1 year, team owners can structure the contract. Thecontract must ascend or descend. Consecutive seasons can have the samesalary amount. The way a contract is structured cannot change for anyreason.r25% Rule: The Max/Min from season to season in the contract cannot bemore than 25% of the Avg salary. If 25% of the Avg salary is less than $1M,$1M may be used.$Maximum and Minimum Salary: The salary per season cannot exceed theleague maximum salary. No salary can be less than the 1 year minimumini any of the structured years.Example: 5 years/$10M per ($50M total). Salary from year to year cannotbe more than a $2.5M increase or decrease (25% of $10M (Avg salary) =$2.5M). year-1:$6M, year-2:$7.5M, year-3:$10M, year-4:$12.5M,yyear-5:$12.5M. Team Options TP
  6. 6. Team Options: Team Options can be offered when signing free agents. Ifa team does not pick up a players option the team will pay the player a$500k buyout and hell become an unrestricted free agent. Team Optionswillw not lengthen an original contract for RFA status or any other reason.Team Option Amounts: Option years will have a base salary using theplayers highest single season or Avg season salary (whichever is highest)plus an additional 25%. The 25% of salary will have a minimum of $1M andmaximum of $4M when adding to the players base salary.mBidding Options: When a team uses a team option -only- to outbid, thebuyout will increase $500k each time the team matches the bid with anooption on that free agent. Rosters - D DSB40-Man Roster (Major League)30 man rosters in Yahoo: C 1B 2B 3B SS LF CF RF INF OF UTIL, 5-SP, 5-RP,R 2-P, and 7 BNMatch-up Roster Size: All teams can have a minimum of 25 andmaximum of 30 players for each match-up.mMax Pitchers on Roster: Teams cannot have more than 16 pitchersactive on their 30-man roster.aMandatory Players: Teams are required to fill all their active rosterspots during match-ups. Any team that has an inactive player/injuredplayer/empty spot for 7 days will be issued illegal roster fines.40-Man Roster (AAA Minor League Roster)About Optioned Players: When a player is on the 40-man roster but noton the active 30-man roster, he is on an optional assignment. During an
  7. 7. option year, the team may freely move the player between the majorleague team (30-man in yahoo) and their minor league AAA team (10players not in yahoo).pEligible Players: any player that has less than 5 MLB years (1 game isconsidered a year), listed on the 15-Day DL, or a player with 5+ MLByears that has cleared waivers.yActive/Inactive Moves: Each Sunday by 11:59 pm EST, owners must postono the forum any changes for their 40-man roster and update the IR-List.Injuries: During a match-up if a player gets injured and has a DL next tohis name, teams may immediately call up a player in their minors (A orAAA) to replace him.APlayer Suspensions: If a player is suspended for six or less days, he mustremain on the active 30-man roster or he can be waived. If the player isalready on a minor league team he does not have to be called up.***ForA and AA Minor League Roster rules refer to the "Minor Leagues andRookie Draft Section"*** *Disabled List15-Day DL: Players on the 15-day disabled list can be removed from the30-man roster, but are still a part of the 40-man roster. Once a player isremoved from the real 15-day DL, teams must activate the player within484 hours if he is not eligible to stay in the minors.60-Day DL: Any player on the 60-Day DL frees an additional spot on the40-man roster. A team may call up a minor leaguer or sign a free agentto replace this player. When the injured player comes off the real 60-dayDL, the team must make room and cut back to a 40-man roster within 48hours. Players on the 60-Day DL will still use team salary. There is nollimit on the number of players on the 60-Day DL per club. Free Agency F
  8. 8. About Free Agency: There is no limit to how many free agents a teamcan sign as long as there is enough money to pay the player for all futureseasons. To sign a player, you must place a bid on the player you want toadd in the forum. The minimum bid is based on contract length (see"Contract Length/Minimum Salary Scale)". All other teams are free toplace a higher bid on that player. You can bid on free agents while yourroster is full, but you must make room once the bid is won. Players mustbeb listed in Yahoo! to be eligible for free agency.F/A Deadline: The Trade Deadline is also the free agent deadline. At12:00 AM EST after the deadline date, all bids will be final and awardedtto the last team to post a bid.Note: DSH has an exception for the deadline. See DSH Rosters/ FreeAgent Deadline Exception.APosting a Bid: When bidding, you must post the players name, team, andposition in the "Title of the topic". Post with length of contract, total ofcontract, contract structure, and if you’re offering a club option.cBidding on F/As: When bidding on a posted f/a, teams are allowed tobid a Max of 3 times per player. The original post or illegal bids do notcount as bids.cBidding Equal Years: Minimum of $1M more Avg salary per season. :Adding Years: When adding years to a contract the players avg salary perseason can drop up to (but not more than) 10%.sReducing Years: Teams can reduce a Max of 2 years off the current bid.Teams can match the current total contract with less years or use theffollowing formula:When reducing the current bid by 1 year, the players avg salary per yearmmust increase by 60%.When reducing the current bid by 2 years, the players avg salary per yearmust increase by 75%.mIllegal Bids: If a bid closes and the last bid is illegal, the team with thelast legal bid has the option to either take the player at the bid, or pass Fon the player. If the team chooses to pass, that team cannot bid on theplayer for 21 days and the player becomes a free agent again.pMax Contracts: Max contracts are offers of a maximum length and salary
  9. 9. (containing no team options) to a player. If more than one team bids aMax contract, the team with the worst record is awarded the player. Inthe off-season and first 3 match-ups of a season, preference isdetermined using the previous years standings.dAdding a Team Option: If a team has posted a bid with no team option,another team may bid the same contract with a team option added.When doing so the team options buyout will increase $500K each timethis happens.tExample: Team A bids 1y/$1M. Team B bids 1y/$1M w/opt. Because theteam bid the same contract and only added the option, the buyout willbe $1M (The initial $500k plus an additional $500k). If Team A bids 2y/$1M per and Team B bids again with 2y/$1M per w/option, the buyoutwill be $1.5M (The initial $500k plus an additional $1M for matching thecontract twice with team options added).cWinning a Bid: In order to win a bid a team must remain the highestbidder for 24 hours. Once a bid is won the team is responsible for thatplayer’s contract (No exception). Teams can wait up to 72 hours ifnneeded after a bid is won to make room for the player. Waivers & DFA WaiversAbout Waivers: Any player under contract (on the 40-man roster) may beplaced on waivers at any time. Teams must place players on waiverswhen they want to release a player or option a player that has 5+ MLByears to their minor league AAA team. While the player is on waivers, theplayer will use a roster spot and the team will still pay the salary. Once aplayer is placed on waivers, he must stay there for a minimum of 48hours. The player cannot be traded during this time. If a player is put onwaivers, he can be claimed by any team.Player is Claimed: If a team claims a player off waivers, his team maycchoose one of the following:arrange a trade with the new team for that player within 48 hours of the
  10. 10. cclaimdo nothing and allow the claiming team to assume the players existingccontractrescind the request and keep the player on their 30-man roster for 2 fullmatch-ups, effectively canceling the waivermNote: If a player is claimed and the option to rescind is used, this optiontot rescind may not be used again for that player in that season.Multiple Claims: If more than one team claims a player, the team withthe worst record at that time will get preference. In the off-season andfirst 3 weeks of the season, preference is determined using the previousyears standings.yPlayer is NOT Claimed: If no team claims a player from waivers in 48hours, the player has "cleared waivers" and may be kept on the active 30man roster, optioned to AAA, or released outright.mAbout 5+ Players: If a 5+ year experienced player (that is not on the DL)spends 3 full match-ups on the AAA roster, that player must clear waiversagain to remain there. The player must be posted on waivers by Fridayto clear waivers (48 hours) on the Sunday before the fourth match-up.Teams are allowed to send 5+ players to the minors a Max of 3 times perseason. Players with 5+ years experience can only be sent to AAA 1 weekbefore the first match-up up until the trade deadline.bTrade/Waiver Rule: If a team trades a player and the player issubsequently waived by the new team, the players past team will not bepermitted to sign the player to a new contract (or claim him off ofwaivers) until at least 21 days have passed following the date the tradewas made (or 14 days for trades that occur during the off-season).Designated for Assignment (DFA) WaiversDAbout DFA: A player who is designated for assignment is immediatelyand permanently removed from the 40-man roster and the teamcontinues to pay his salary. This gives the team time to decide what todo with the player while freeing up a roster spot for another transaction,if needed. Once a player is designated for assignment, the team has 7days to do one of the following a tradeII.a team can claim the player and take over the existing contractIII.outright release
  11. 11. Note: if a player clears DFA waivers he cannot be optioned to a teams AAA team. oTrading a player that is DFA: When a player has been DFA, the team has72 hours to post a trade for the Trade Committee to approve/veto. Whena player is DFA, trades will always supersede waiver claims. Waiver Claimed DFA Player: While a player is DFA, all teams can post awaiver claim. If no trade is made and a claim is posted, the claimingteam will assume the players existing contract after 72 hours. If morethan one team claims a player, the team with the worst record at thattime will get preference. In the off-season and first 3 weeks of theseason, preference is determined using the previous years standings.sNON-Claimed DFA Player: All players that have been DFA and have notbeen traded or claimed by another team will be outright released. Releasing PlayersReleasing Waived Players: If no team claims a player from waivers theplayer has "cleared waivers" and the team may release him. The playerscontract still continues to be included in the teams payroll.cRight to Set-Off: If a team signs a player who is still under contract (aslong as the player cleared waivers and was released), the players originalteam is allowed to reduce the amount of money they still owe the playerby the right of set-off. The original team gets to set off the differencebetween the players new salary and the player’s old salary minus a 1ttime transaction fee.Transaction Fees:TDSB: S400k Trading
  12. 12. About Trades: All trades must be posted on the forum and accepted byboth owners. Owners can trade players, draft picks, and cash.bDeadline: The Trade Deadline will be set to the yahoo default. Subjecttot change.Deadline Extension: If teams are working a deal and notify the Presidentbefore the deadline, an extension for the teams involved to complete thedeal may be granted.dTrading Cash: Cash cannot be traded in any season but the current one.Teams are allowed to pay on players contracts in all future seasons.TTrade Review: All trades will be reviewed and approved/vetoed by theTC.TPlayer to be Named Later: A transaction including a player to be namedlater must be completed within 60 days. The player may not be on a DSB40-Man during the interval between the trade and the date the player isnamed. As a result, players to be named later are minor leaguers. At thetime of a trade, clubs agree on a list of players from which the player tobe named will be selected. They also may agree on an amount of moneytot be exchanged in lieu of a player or eligible draft picks.First Round Picks: All teams must have at least one 1st round pick (anytteams pick) between the next 2 drafts. Off-Season Transactions OOOff-Season order of transactions:After the season ends players under contract, cash, and eligible draftpicks can be traded.p TOffer all team options, salary arbitration, and contract extensions to
  13. 13. eligible players (DSB) (Jan. 10th)RRookie DraftTTeams must cut to salary limitRRFA offers are submittedFFree Agency opens for all playersTTeams must sign or renounce their draft picksTTeams must cut to roster limit (2 weeks before the 1st match-up)Season beginsSOff-Season Roster: In the off-season, each team can have an unlimitedamount of players on their team. Before the start of the season, teamswillw be required to cut to the required roster size.DSB: When all final rosters are submitted, teams cannot submit a rosterwith players on the 60-Day DL (it is considered an in-season list)wOff-Season Salary: Salary will not be used in the off-season. Teams cango over the salary cap, but must cut back to the cap amount by a datesset by the league (right before free agency opens). Restricted Free AgentsAbout Free Agents: There are two types of free agents, unrestricted andrestricted. An unrestricted free agent is free to sign with any team andtheres nothing the players original team can do to prevent it. Restrictedfree agency gives the players original team the right to keep the playerbyb matching an offer from another team.Restricted Free Agent Eligibility (Veterans): )CCompleted a 3-6 year Pro contract (not including options).SSpent a minimum of 2 full consecutive seasons with the current team.NNever been listed on waivers.Had any club options picked up.HRestricted Free Agent Eligibility (Drafted Rookies): After a player hascompleted a rookie contract (all options offered), the player will become
  14. 14. a free agent.DSB: For players to be eligible they must have completed their 6 years ofa rookie contract, offered all arbitration, and never listed on waivers.Submitting Offers: Teams must make their eligible restricted free agentsan offer if they want matching rights. Offers must be a minimum of 2years (not including option years), follow the contract minimum scale,and cannot be less than 50% of the past contracts Avg salary.aSubmitting Maximum Offers: A maximum offer is for the Max years atthe maximum salary and contains no options. If a team offers one oftheir RFA’s a maximum contract the player will not see free agency andthe max contract becomes official (one of the RFA matches is still used).Max Offers for each league:MDSB: 6 years/$25M per for RFA’s. 5 years/$25M per for UFA’s.Bidding on RFAs: When a team wants to sign another teams restrictedfree agent, the team must make a higher offer than the original team.The offer must be a minimum of 3 years (not including option years).After a bid closes on a player (24 hours), the team with the restrictedfree agent has 48 hours to match the offer. If the players original teamdoes not exercise its matching rights within 48 hours, the offer becomesana official contract with the new team.RFA Matches: Each team can match on the maximum amount of players(per off-season) listed below. When matching, teams can post a re-structure of the salary. The total contract, years, and any options muststay the same. After a team has matched, the players cannot be releasedoro traded until after the date listed below.DSB: 3 players - June 1Off-Season Max Contract Priority List: If more than 1 team offers a maxcontract to a RFA or UFA (and the players original team does not matchfor RFAs), the teams will refer to the "Off-Season Max Contract PriorityList". The list will be based on the past seasons standings. Once a teamsigns a Max contract, the team will go the bottom of the list. If a teamwith matching rights matches on a RFA with a Max contract, that teamwill go to the end of the list. If a team offers one of their RFAs a maxcontract on the original offer sheet, the team will stay at their positionon the priority list.
  15. 15. Minor Leagues and Rookie Draft - DSB DMinor League Roster (AA and Single A Team)About Minor Leaguers: Each team has an optional minor league roster.Drafted minor leaguers will not count against a teams salary cap untilthey are called up. All contracts will start once the minor leaguer isactivated to the 40-man roster. Players have to be affiliated and undercontract with a MLB team or listed in Yahoo to be eligible to be on yourminor league team. Drafting players is the only way a player can beissued a non-guaranteed rookie contract.iWhen to Activate (Single A): Once a player reaches 130 AB’s or 50 IP(career stats) and are on their real life MLB 40-man roster, they are nolonger eligible to be in single A. If any player reaches the AB/IP limit andis not on the real life MLB 40-man (must have 4 or less MLB years), hedoes not have to be promoted to AA or a teams 40-man. Once a player isno longer minor league eligible, teams have 72 hours to add him to their40-man roster or drop him outright. Teams will be fined or lose theplayer (the team’s choice) if they do not activate him within 72 hours.pAA Team Eligibility: 0-2 years MLB experience (1 game is considered 1year)or 3 years MLB exp with less than 250AB or 80IP (career stats)yCutting Drafted Minor Leaguers: Teams can release drafted minorleague players at no cost if (1) the player’s contract is non-guaranteed,and (2) the player was never on your 40-man roster. If the player was onthe 40-Man at one point in the season, the team must pay that seasonscontract. If a team cuts a drafted minor leaguer they cannot draft thatplayer in the next seasons rookie draft.pSigning Minor Leaguers in F/A: Teams cannot have more than 2undrafted players inAA and/or Single A at any given time. Players signedtot major league contracts will start to use team salary immediately.Sent Back to the Minors: If a player is called up to a team’s 40-man andsent back to the minor league team (he still has to be eligible), the
  16. 16. pplayer’s contract will still count toward the teams salary for that season.6-Year Minor Leaguers: Any player with 6 seasons in the minors isconsidered a 6-Year Minor League Free-Agent. The original team willhhave no rights to the player anymore.Contracts for a Minor League Call-UpDrafted Minor League Contract: Once a drafted minor leaguer isactivated to a team’s 40-man roster, he will be given the following NON-GGuaranteed contract.11st year - $400k22nd year - $600k33rd year - $800k44th year - $1M55th year - $1.2M6th6 year - $1.5MNote: After the 6th year of a minor league contract, the player willbbecome an unrestricted free agent.Salary Arbitration for Minor LeaguersBecoming Salary Arbitration Eligible: All drafted minor leaguers underrookie contracts that have played 2 or more seasons on a DSB roster willbeb eligible for salary arbitration each season.Salary Arbitration Pay Scale: DSB will use the stats on 15-24 HR = $1M 80-89 RBI = $1M 15-24 SB = $1M .280-.289 Avg = 25-34 HR = $2M 90-99 RBI = $2M 25-34 SB = $2M $1M.290-.299 35-44 HR = $3M 100-109 RBI = 35-49 SB = $3M Avg = 45+ HR = $4M $3M110+ RBI = 50+ SB = $4M $2M.300-.309100-109 R = $3M $4M Avg = $3M.310+ 110+ R = $4M Avg = $4M 80-89 R = $1M 90-99 R = $2M
  17. 17. 3.00-3.30 1.20-1.29WHIP=$ ERA=$1M 1M14-15 Wins = $1M 170-179 K = $1M 20-29 SV = $1M 2.50-2.99 1.10-1.19WHIP=$16-17 Wins = $2M 180-199 K = $2M 30-39 SV = $2M ERA=$2M 2M18-19 Wins = $3M 200-214 K = $3M 40-44 SV = $3M 2.0-2.49 1.00-1.09WHIP=$ 20+ Wins = $4M 215+ K = $4M 45+ SV = $4M ERA=$3M1.99- 3M0.99- ERA=$4M W WHIP=$4MCalculating Arbitration: Using the players stats from the past season,add up the players salary from the pay scale above. Use the scale belowtot figure out the players next season salary.3rd year- 50% of salary, Max $5M, and Min of $800k ("Super 2 ONLY") SeeBBelow.44th year- 60% of salary, Max $7M, and Min of $1M55th year- 80% of salary, Max $10M, and Min of $1.2M6th6 year- 100% of salary, Max $12M, and Min of $1.5MNote: A teams salary offer to a player may not be less than 80% of theplayers salary the previous year or less than 70% of his salary from 2years earlier.ySuper 2: To qualify, players must play in the following amount of gamesin their 2nd season.I.Hitters- 86+ gamesII.Starters- 22+ games startedIII.Relievers- 40+ games totalIV.ITeams NOT offering Arbitration: At any winter cutoff date in a draftedplayers six year rookie period, a team can opt not to tender a contractto a player, allowing the player to become an unrestricted free agent. Ifa team does not offer a player salary arbitration, the team cannotaacquire the player in any way for 1 full season.
  18. 18. Contract Extensions for Minor LeaguersContract Extensions: After each season, teams can give 1 player acontract extension. The length of the extension must be 4-6 years. Thesalary will be the players highest arbitrary salary (paid at 100%) includingthe past season. Once the initial salary is determined each following yearthere will be a 20% salary increase from the previous year.tContract Extension Eligibility: For a player to be eligible for a contracteextension, he must meet the following requirements:DDrafted in a rookie draft, NOT signed through free agency.SSpent the past 2 seasons with the same DSB team.TThe extension must be offered after the 4th or 5th season. Not the 6th.The player must have 2 MLB seasons with 135+ games for hitters, 28+ggames started for SP, or 45+ games for RP.The player must never been listed on waivers.Rookie DraftsAbout the Draft: Before each season there will be a round rookie draftheld for all players drafted in the past MLB draft. Also eligible are playersthat are Single A eligible, affiliated with a MLB team, and are free agentsini DSB.Draft Order: The draft will be a non-snaking draft. The draft order is thereverse order of the previous years standings.rTrading Picks: Teams are permitted to trade picks for the next twoddrafts.2012 Rookie Draft2Minor League Expansion: After this season we will be expanding ourminor league roster from 10 to 20 players.mAbout the Draft: Teams can draft in as many rounds as they need tountil 20 players is reached. Once a team skips a pick that teams draft is
  19. 19. oover. Teams cannot release any players during the draft.Trading Picks: All teams are permitted to trade their 1st-5th roundpicks.pTeam Roster Limits (2012 Season): AA:up to 5 Single A: up to 20((unlimited once the 2012 season begins)2013 Rookie Draft2Rounds in Draft: 10 rounds 1Picks allowed to be traded: Rounds 1-2 up until the completion of the2012 draft. Rounds 1-10 after the completion of the 2012 draft up untiland during the 2013 draft.aTeam Roster Limits (2013 Season): AA:up to 5 A: unlimited2014 Rookie Draft2Rounds in Draft: 10 roundsPicks allowed to be traded: Rounds 1-10 after the completion of the2012 draft up until and during the 2014 draft.2Team Roster Limits (2013 Season): AA:up to 10 A: unlimited2015 Rookie Draft2Rounds in Draft: To be determined at a later date.Team Roster Limits (2015 Season): AA: up to 10 A: unlimited

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