iPad App Essentials for REALTORS®


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Get the most out of your iPad. As REALTORS® we need to be as productive on the road as in the office. From contract editing and signing to document management to media rich presentations, apps can allow you to work from anywhere. There is no pause button in real estate.

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iPad App Essentials for REALTORS®

  1. 1. iPad App Essentialsfor REALTORS®@KevinTenganPrudential LocationsUpdated May 2013
  2. 2. The ProblemLet me get back to you whenI’m at my office
  3. 3. Common Office TasksContracts/DocumentsScan/CopyMLS InformationSend Email
  4. 4. Wasting TimeDriving to the office...Driving from the office...
  5. 5. When your phone rings,do you drive to the office to answer the call?
  6. 6. The SolutionYou can communicate from anywhere...With apps you can work from anywhere too.
  7. 7. How to Solve the ProblemMove your work into the cloud and go mobile
  8. 8. • Email• Online Documents• Streaming Media• iCloud• Google DocsYou already work in the cloud
  9. 9. AppsPrograms
  10. 10. The apps...
  11. 11. Dropbox2GB of Storage for Free
  12. 12. DropboxSynchronizes your files between yourcomputers and mobile devicesFiles saved to Dropbox will be available fromanywhere with an Internet connectionStart working on a file from home, finish it atthe office, and access it on your mobile device
  13. 13. Google Drive5GB of Storage for Free
  14. 14. Google DriveSynchronizes your files between yourcomputers and mobile devicesFiles saved to Google Drive will be availablefrom anywhere with an Internet connectionStart working on a file from home, finish it atthe office, and access it on your mobile device
  15. 15. How it works• Installs on your own computer• Looks like a normal folder on your desktop• Use the website on shared/public computers• Upload files to access from any of your devices• Integrated into numerous appsClientsJane BuyerListingsDocuments
  16. 16. DropboxAppDropboxDesktopDropboxWebsite
  17. 17. PDF ExpertWork with PDF Forms
  18. 18. PDF ExpertView, edit, and sign PDF forms -- eliminatesthe need to print, sign, and scanSend PDF forms or flattened PDFs via emailSyncs with Dropbox or Google Drive (andmore)
  19. 19. DocuSign InkGet Signatures
  20. 20. DocuSign InkSign PDF documents -- eliminates the need toprint, sign, and scanTag and send documents for signaturesAccess documents from Dropbox or GoogleDrive (and more)
  21. 21. PDF workflow demo...
  22. 22. Download Open In... Edit Export1 2 3 4
  23. 23. 1) Download...• Open the PDF document you want to editNote: PDF forms might not display properly (appear blank)
  24. 24. 2) Open In...• Use the “Open In...” option to import the PDF• Import the PDF to PDF Expert (or other app)
  25. 25. 3) Edit...• Edit the PDF• Read the User Guides for detailed instructions(features, tools, editing, etc.)
  26. 26. 4) Export...• Upload the PDF back to the cloud or send by email• Read the User Guides for detailed instructions(synchronizing with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  27. 27. Download Open In... Edit Export1 2 3 4The same workflow applies for working with other documents(Keynote, PowerPoint, Pages, Word, Numbers, Excel, etc.)
  28. 28. Other apps...
  29. 29. Prudential LocationsHawaii’s First Real Estate App
  30. 30. Prudential LocationsGPS shows all properties for sale in yourimmediate area, including sold propertiesVirtual open house that never closes -- viewhigh resolution photos and full MLS detailsDirect line to your agent via email or phone tosetup showings or request more information
  31. 31. KeynoteGive a Presentation Anywhere
  32. 32. KeynoteCreate media rich presentationsEdit and save as PowerPoint presentationsSyncs with iCloud
  33. 33. PagesWord Processing
  34. 34. PagesCreate, edit, and view documents, flyers,reports, letters, and moreEdit and save as Word documentsSyncs with iCloud
  35. 35. NumbersSpreadsheets
  36. 36. NumbersCreate, edit, and view spreadsheets, tables,and chartsEdit and save as Excel spreadsheetsSyncs with iCloud
  37. 37. 10BII Calc HDBusiness Calculator
  38. 38. 10BII Calc HDFor finance, business, mathematical, andstatistical calculationsWorksheets make calculating loan payments,amortization, and interest rates easyCharts show payments over time and theeffect of interest rates or down payments
  39. 39. EvernoteRemember Everything
  40. 40. EvernoteCapture anything -- notes, ideas, images,documents, and moreSearch by tag, keyword, or even embeddedtext (printed or handwritten)Syncs across all your computers and mobiledevices
  41. 41. Save2PDFConvert Files to PDF
  42. 42. Save2PDFConvert almost any file into a PDF -- Word,Excel, PowerPoint, Web Pages, JPEGsCombine several PDF files together into asingle file or extract pages from filesSyncs with Dropbox or Google Drive (andmore)
  43. 43. Note Taker HDHandwritten Notes
  44. 44. Note Taker HDWrite and organize handwritten notes anddiagramsTurns your iPad into a note padExport notes as PDF files
  45. 45. Walk ScoreDetermine the Walkability of Any Location
  46. 46. Walk ScoreDiscover nearby placesDetermines walkability based on proximity ofmarkets, restaurants, parks, and moreSearch for places based on commute time ornear public transit
  47. 47. HouzzInterior Design Ideas
  48. 48. HouzzLargest database of home design ideas online(over 1,000,000 high resolution photos)Build idea books and save photos for offlineviewingGreat resource for remodeling projects
  49. 49. MagicPlanCreate Floor Plans
  50. 50. MagicPlanMeasures rooms and draws floor plans simplyby taking picturesProduce floor plans even when they aren’treadily availableExport floor plans in a variety of formats
  51. 51. WikihoodLearn About Your Neighborhood
  52. 52. WikihoodLearn about the most important sites around alocationDiscover what other people find interestingGo on virtual neighborhood tours
  53. 53. Open Home ProDigital Open House Sign-In Sheet
  54. 54. Open Home ProCreate mobile optimized listings ready forsharing over social mediaAutomatic follow-up with property details, yourcontact information, and notificationsManage your contacts by exporting to CRM
  55. 55. And more...
  56. 56. BetterOffHere.com