Church Staff Christmas Party


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Planning a Christmas Party for the church office staff

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Church Staff Christmas Party

  1. 1. Creative Youth Ideas Planning a Christmas Party for the church staff
  2. 2. When its Christmastime, every business wants toshow their Christmas spirit byhaving an office party.Sometimes as busy ministrystaff we forget to have funtogether in the church office.Why not also have an officeparty for the church staff?
  3. 3. The question is, what are you going to do?No one is going to want to play pin the tailon the donkey. Thats lame. A goodChristmas party needs good food andsome Christmas games to play while youremingling together as a church staff. What kinds of Christmas games are good for an office Christmas party though? You could play gift giving games or have different contests. There are also plenty of fun things to do together like decorating an office Christmas tree.
  4. 4. Door PrizesFirst, there is always the solid "door prizegive away", where you give away prizes forthose names that get pulled out of a hat.Have a few extra gifts for those that forget tobring one. This ensures that no one goeshome without something if they want a gift. While this isnt a exactly game, people love hearing their own name being called and they also love feeling like theyve won something cool.
  5. 5. Gingerbread HouseAnother great idea for a church office party is tohave a gingerbread house building contest.Gingerbread house kits are cheap and easy toget. You get a couple of kits and divide your staffinto two groups. Then you have a contest to seewho can build the best gingerbread house thefastest within a three or four minutes.Use a timer so that you‘ll know when to quit.Whoever has the best or most completegingerbread house in the specified time framegets a prize. You can also do this with mini Christmas trees and other "do it yourself" small projects, such as decorating cookies or stringing popcorn and cranberries.
  6. 6. Gift ExchangeAnother good Christmas party game is a giftexchange. Each person has a small gift (provided byyou, and it doesnt have to be expensive) under thetree so that there is something for everyone. Thenwhen your name is called, the person picks a gift andopens it. Once its opened, they can either keep thegift or give it to the next person. The next personpicks out a gift for the first person and the first personHAS to keep it, even if it‘s inappropriate for theirgender or size. This continues until all the names havebeen pulled out of the hat. It is interesting because if the first gift isnt kept it can often continue on until all the men have pink slippers and all the ladies in the office have packages of mens underwear. Did I say this was a church office party?
  7. 7. Having a church office party can be adisaster when you dont have any goodparty games to play or entertainment.With the games that are describedabove, you can have a lot of fun with justa few simple items and some willing partygoers. If this doesnt work for youroffice, you can find more games onlineat Creative Christmas Ideas or convertother holiday themed party games intoChristmas party games for adults. Blessed Holidays and good luck entertaining your church staff!
  8. 8. For more Christmas Party Ideas Visit out website at