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Ruby - Behind the Scenes


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A whirlwind tour of Ruby projects, off the Rails.

There is more to Ruby than Rails and there is nothing wrong with Rails, we’re just pretending it doesn’t exist for the next 25 minutes...

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Ruby - Behind the Scenes

  1. Ruby - Behind the scenesA whirlwind tour of Ruby projects, off the Rails
  2. Kenneth KalmerCTO - Internet
  3. There is more to Ruby thanRailsand there is nothing wrong with Rails, we’re justpretending it doesn’t exist for the next 25minutes...
  5. Brace yourselvesThis is going to be a quick overview of a bunchof Ruby projects, old and new, each with theirown merits and applicability, and each worth awhole presentation on their own, well,
  7. ruby-collectdSend collectd stats from astro/ruby-collectd [GH]your Ruby app collectd.orgGraph whatever data youwant
  8. agentAttempt at GO-like igrigorik/agent [GH]concurrency in Ruby“Do not communicate bysharing memory; instead,share memory bycommunicating.”
  10. Hackety Hack!Teaching kids to programUses the shoes GUI
  11. rufus-schedulerLike having cron jmettraux/rufus-schedulerembedded in your Ruby [GH]VMPowerful scheduling DSLGreat error handlingLeveraged by ruote &daemon-kit
  13. chefComplete server opscode.comdeployment &configuration managementWildly successfulTotal infrastructuremanagement/insightopscode/chef [GH]
  14. ruby-pdnsUse Ruby to serve as a ripienaar/ruby-pdns [GH]backend to PowerDNSDifferent responses fordifferent countriesRandomize responses
  16. ruotePure Ruby workflow jmettraux/ruote [GH]engine ruote.rubyforge.orgDescriptively definebusiness processesExecute workflows reliablyon an international scale
  17. Kids Ruby“Hack your homework” hybridgroup/kidsruby [GH]Hackety Hack inspired www.kidsruby.comHelping drive Ruby (via @JEG2)adoption
  19. HomebrewAwesome *nix package mxcl/homebrew [GH]management for OSXUses Ruby “formulae” todrive compilation/installation via a simpleDSL
  20. NaniteSelf-assembling fabric of ezmobius/nanite [GH]Ruby daemonsScalable messagequeueing backendSelf discoveryDynamic load balancing
  22. SourcifyA solution to extract thecode of a Proc, allowingthe Proc to be serializedand passed aroundngty/sourcify [GH]
  23. postgresql-plrubyPL/Ruby enablesPostgreSQL to leverageRuby for functions andtrigger proceduresknu/postgresql-plruby [GH]
  25. Haunted HouseClient for the ISY-99i home JEG2/haunted_house [GH]automation controller APIKeep the lights on, or off,with Ruby!
  26. rtunnelCan’t use “ssh -R”, rtunnel coderrr/rtunnel [GH]can setup reverse tunnelsfor youLeverages net-ssh & thin
  28. blatherAwesome XMPP client sprsquish/blather [GH]library built on top ofEventMachine andNokogiriUsed by daemon-kit towrite simple XMPPdaemons
  29. open4open child process with ahoward/open4 [GH]handles on pid, stdin,stdout, and stderrmanage child processesand their io handles easily.Useful for driving low-level*nix utils through Ruby
  31. RubygameCross-platform multimedia rubygame.orglibraryEntertainment softwareScientific visualizationsEducational/training toolsInteractive motion graphics
  32. UPnP-MediaServerServe media files to your using Ruby UPnP-MediaServer/Work in progress
  34. parsletA small Ruby library for kschiess/parslet [GH]constructing parsers in thePEG (Parsing ExpressionGrammar) fashion.Good error reporting(unlike Treetop)No code generation, easierdebug
  35. daemon-kitBuild reliable, stabledaemonized applicationswith RubyHelpers get you going fastkennethkalmer/daemon-kit[GH]
  37. Inspired?This is a taster, and by no means authoritative.Ruby is an awesome language, and a vibrantcommunity, and works just as well off the Railsthan on it.
  38. What is your next projectgoing to be?