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MLM Lead System Pro Review


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Is MLM Lead System Pro the Holy Grail for your online marketing? Maybe. This review details...

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MLM Lead System Pro Review

  1. 1. HOME CONTACT KEN ACREE ONLINE MARKETING TOOLS MAKE MONEY TODAY!MLM Lead System Pro –MLSP Review Ken Acree By Ken Acree , MLM Marketing , Online Marketing Like 3 T weet 13 1 Share 5MLM Lead System Pro Search LUCRATIVE NEW PROGRAM! SCHON ROLL – MOM & HOME BASED ENTREPRENEURI assume you’re here reading today f or one of two reasons.1. You are a Network Marketing Prof essional looking f or ways to generatemore leads f or your business.2. You are looking f or a way to generate income f rom home, and you haveheard that MLM Lead System Pro – MLSP may be a great way to getstarted.Don’t hit the back button yet…you have come to the right place to getyour questions answered.In the next 3-4 minutes I will answer these questions f or you…1. Does MLM Lead System Pro work and is it RICK STALEY – RETIRED AT
  2. 2. 1. Does MLM Lead System Pro work and is it RICK STALEY – RETIRED ATworth it? 45!2. How long does it take to start generating leadsand making money with MLM Lead System Pro –MLSP?3. What option provides the best value for joiningMLM Lead System Pro? (This one pulls nopunches)!I will give you the answers you’re looking f or in just a sec, but f irst a bit ofbackground about myself and my involvement with MLM Lead System Pro.MY MLM and MLM Lead System ProBackgroundI have earned a f ull-time income f rom home since 2010 in MLM and OnlineMarketing.My downline team has recruited an organization over the past f ew yearsthat numbers into the thousands worldwide.T he income is nice, no doubt. But the main benef it to me has been T IMEFREEDOM.T he ability to go where you want, when you want, with who you want, issomething that you can’t put a price tag on.For me, becoming successf ul with MLM was always more about the timef reedom than the money.Even back in 2009 when I f irst got started with my Primary Company, I wasalways searching out ways to leverage my time.One of those ways that I discovered all the way back in 2009 was MLMLead System Pro. NICOLE LAUCK – PERSONAL TRAINER & NETWORKT hen let me tell you what happened next… MARKETING PROFESSIONALConfusion ReignedT o put in bluntly, I was overwhelmed by the system.Maybe you’ve checked out MLM Lead Sytem Pro in the past and beenconf used as well?I made the decision back in 2009 that the MLSP learning curve was toosteep f or me at that time.I decided to do the only thing I knew how to do… SCOTT HAGER – MBA &I dug in and built my MLM Business the old f ashioned way. INTERNET MARKETERIt was a challenge at f irst, but along the way I f igured a f ew things out andit got easier and easier.But even af ter several years of a nice, passive residual income streamf lowing in,I still believed that there had to be a better way.Back to MLM Lead System ProFollowing a f ew f utile attempts to reinvent the wheel online, I f ound myselfback at the doors of MLSP. RECENT POSTSWhat I f ound actually SHOCKED and T HRILLED ME.As it turns out, sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know until you MLM Lead System Pro – MLSP Reviewcheck it out f or yourself . Blo g Writing Tips: Why I Cho o se to StayIn the time that I had been away, MLM Lead System Pro had gotten much Po sitivesimpler to use. MLM Lead Generatio n Strategies thatEasier to generate leads with. DELIVEREasier to make money. Javita Co ffee Review: Go All In o r Take a Pass?Basically, these guys had gotten better and better at their craf t. MLM Marketing Success is Much EasierI jumped in and got right to work. than Yo u Think
  3. 3. Now to answer your questions and teach you what I’ve discovered. ARCHIVES Does MLM Lead System Pro Work? Is it Worththe Cost? March 20 13T he obvious answer is absolutely, yes it does work.As long as you f ollow their instructions and don’t cut corners.Hopef ully you are much smarter than me, but in the past I have def initely CATEGORIESbeen guilty of trying to reinvent the wheel and do too much on my own. By Ken AcreeBottom line… MLM MarketingFollow the MLM Lead System Pro training, and YOU WILL produce Leadsf or you MLM Business. YOU WILL produce extra income to of f set your Online Marketingmarketing expenses, if not even earn a substantial prof it. ReviewsWant proof ? I can of f er no better proof than the f act that you are readingthis right now.MLM Lead System Pro taught me how to promote my content so that like-minded people would f ind it and act on it.Millions of people come online every year searching f or ways to put extramoney in their pockets working f rom home.How would you like to have an audience with them?MLM Lead System Pro teaches you how to do that.Without getting into too much detail, I’m sure you would like to hear a littleabout how it works as well.Here’s a quick summary:MLM Lead System Pro teaches you how to drive traffic to an offer, howto convert that traffic into a lead,then transform that lead into a sale. MLM Lead System Pro providestraffic generation training,loads of FREE offers to entice your traffic to become a lead, then evenprovides pre-written follow-upcampaigns to close sales for you!I’ve included one of the MLM Lead System Pro campaigns so that you cantake a look f or yourself . When you enter yourbest email address, you will be walked through the entire sales process toget a bird’s eye view of how the process works.T o check out how the MLM Lead System Pro – MLSP sales f unnel worksf rom A-Z , click here.So, is it worth it?T hat really depends on you. If you are the type of person who buys intolots of money making opportunities but don’t ever seem to take action onany of them, my advice would be to work on your mindset bef ore youtackle a program like MLM Lead System Pro.Go on Youtube and search f or videos f rom Jim Rohn and Z ig Z iglar f orstarters. Art Williams is good too. One of my f avorites.But if you are an ACT ION T AKER then I think that MLM Lead System Prowill be a great f it f or you.OK, So How Long Until I Start Generating Leadsand Making Money with MLM Lead System Pro?How f ast are you going to take action?Personally, I generated several leads and earned $350 in commissionwithin my f irst couple of days using MLM Lead System Pro.Here is a picture of my f irst commission check:
  4. 4. *Disclaimer: No level of income is either guaranteed or implied. Somepeople make less than this and some make more. The results you achieveare completely dependent on your efforts!T he MLM Lead System Pro training teaches you how to go out and startgenerating leads within the f irst couple of hours of joining.From there, you will pick a primary marketing strategy(examples are social media marketing, blogging, video marketing, paidadvertising, etc.).MLM Lead System Pro then provides training on whichever method bestsuits your style.How many leads you produce and how quickly really depends on how muchtime you want to commit.If you can commit 1-2 hours per day, you will do f antastic.If you can go at it 12 hours a day, you will blow it out of the water!Make sense?Ballpark, give yourself 90 days to master any strategy bef ore you move onto the next.Within a year you will f ind yourself as an expert in virtually every area ofonline marketing…as long as you stick with it!And the coolest part is that you will be earning passive residual incomef rom theMLM Lead System Pro tools, and generating hundreds (or thousands) ofleadsf or your Primary MLM Marketing Business.What is the Best Way to Join MLM Lead SystemPro – MLSP?In just a minute I’m going to give you the option to take the entire MLMLead System Pro marketing platf orm f or a test drive.T hat is the simplest way to get started, but bef ore that, I want to be “FullDisclosure”and let you know exactly what you will see on the inside.MLM Lead System Pro Membership OptionsAcademyT his is a bare bones option at $20 bucks a month.At this level you will gain access to lots of training and some basic setups.If you are the kind of person who takes things very slowly, then you maywant to start at this level while you are learning. Otherwise, you willwant to choose one of the next options.GoldAt the Gold Membership level with MLM Lead System Pro, you stepoutside of learner mode and will begin to see yourself as a Marketer.T here are a f ew customization options at Gold which are cool, but the
  5. 5. best part about the Gold Level is that you can begin to host your ownvideoand integrate your own autoresponder f or f ollow-ups.Video hosting is a must f or every online marketer. Video is such a hugepart ofthe online world with Youtube being the number 3 website on the planet.But if youcount on places like Youtube f or all of your hosting, you may very well getburnt. As in shut down and out of business! Having control of your ownhosting is crucial!If Video hosting is a must, then your own autoresponder is a must times10. Bluntly,your list IS your business. When you learn all of the marketing magic withinMLMLead System Pro (or even a quarter of it), you will be able to PerpetuallyMonetize yourlist by consistently sending them valuable tips, tools, and trainings. Onaverage, a goodlist is worth $1 per month in income per subscriber.How much will your list be worth when you are generating 100 highlytargeted leads per day?If you are a Marketer, then at minimum you want to be a Gold Member.Also at the Gold Level you can earn f rom 30%-50% commission on themonthly subscriptionsand purchases of your direct af f iliates and customers.PlatinumHere’s where blunt truth comes out. Platinum is outstanding, and a stealat $100 bucks a month,but I will never forgive you if you join at Platinum!! lol.T he reason is that Platinum was the highest leadership level with MLMLead System Pro and gaveyou a ton of cool tools to brand yourself as a LEADER.But now there is a bigger, better, badder level. And if you are a leader, youwill pony up $150 bucksa month to join at the top level.It is so so worth it, as I will demonstrate. T he new King of the Mountainis……drum roll please…………………………MASTERYIf you intend to be ALL IN with your online marketing. T o generate a neverending f low of leads f or yourPrimary Business. T o ef f ortlessly squeeze out multiple streams ofmassive, passive residual income.T his is the Holy Grail.$150 bucks a month, this is what you get…Everything that comes with Academy, Gold, and Platinum MembershipsPLUS100% “Pure Prof its” resell rights to all of the hottest online marketing
  6. 6. products on the planet.As in, whether it’s $27, or $47, or $297, or $477you get to keep it all!Instead of spending time, energy and attention creating and test marketingyour own products,you receive instant access to all of the best selling MLM Lead System Proproducts that havealready been tested, and are already selling.And you get to keep all of the money.If that wasn’t enough, you earn $100 commission per month f rom eachpersonally ref erredMaster Level af f iliate.So you are Mastery Level in MLM Lead System Pro f or $150 bucks amonth. By the time you’veref erred just 2 af f iliates with ongoing monthly subscriptions you’re alreadyearning $200 per month.T hat gives you a $50 prof it each month with only 2 active membersBEFORE anybodybuys anything. And that isn’t even taking into account all of the excesscash that you are generatingwith your Primary MLM Business because of your constant f low of leads.T his truly is the Holy Grail of online marketing.T his is only a taste, really of how impressive this MLSP Mastery programis. T o see all of the detailsof how the whole thing works, check this out now.I’m sure you can tell that I’m having a lot of f un with MLM Lead System Pro.It really is a blast.I would love to have you join my team!What’s keeping you f rom getting started, right now?As I promised earlier, click now to take a look f or yourself with the MLMLead System Pro test drive.Make it a Great Day,Ken Acree“100% Boss-Free Since 2010″P.S. – MLM Leads|MLM Tools
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