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One to unite them all


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VSCP is a framework for automation that makes things that are different talk to each other. This is an introduction to the framework.

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One to unite them all

  1. 1. One to unite them all
  2. 2. We believe in a world of IoT/M2M consisting of many protocols and many solutions and billions of devices.
  3. 3. Still there is a need for... way to discover them all. way to configure them all. way to interact with them all. way to update firmware of them all. & many ways to communicate with them all.
  4. 4. VSCP an open and free framework for IoT & M2M Solving the needs.
  5. 5. one way to discover them all. Each device have a globally unique id that can be constructed from an existing GUID. Each device contains information about who built it, what it can do, how it can be made to do that and much more.
  6. 6. one way to configure them all. Each device export a register model. An abstraction well known from the electronics industries and the IC circuits and very successful. Scale well from the tiniest to the largest devices. Well proven in billions of circuits.
  7. 7. one way to interact with them all. A device send out well specified and directly understandable information. A device can automatically be configured to react on “information” from other devices.
  8. 8. one way to update firmware of them all. An abstraction for memory of a device is available and a well specified model for updating it lay the road for one way to remotely update firmware on all devices.
  9. 9. The problem – part one Every device of today send data packed in different ways where you know nothing about the data. Is it a temperature or just some random number? Is the temperature given in Kelvin, Fahrenheit or Celsius? ????? ??? ?
  10. 10. The VSCP solution – part one You know what you get and how to interpret what you get.
  11. 11. The problem – part 2 Devices comes in many different shapes. What can I do with them? How can I make them do what I want!
  12. 12. The VSCP solution – part two Ask the IoT devices themselves what they can do for you. Configure them all in the same way.
  13. 13. The problem – part 3 You want all your devices to interact with each other... Hmmmm... only possible if you use one communication protocol and one supplier.
  14. 14. The VSCP solution – part three Everyone talks to each other. Set up the interaction in one common way. Any supplier, any protocol.
  15. 15. But... Yes we know you have a solution for all this that is super nice and beautiful. Good thing. You don't have to change anything.
  16. 16. Two choices. Implement VSCP in your product besides your own solution. VSCP is so lightweight so this is easily done. Or Build a driver that abstracts your device to the VSCP world. Works for legacy devices to.
  17. 17. Use as the only protocol for you solution Fits in low resource devices and even in silicon. Use any protocol. Choices
  18. 18. Use only the tools, software and APIs and make your device look like a VSCP device. A simple driver is all you need. Choices
  19. 19. Use TCP/IP, MQTT, UDP, raw Ethernet.... to communication with all VSCP devices and making your device look like a VSCP device to. Choices
  20. 20. Use the websocket interface and the JavaScript widget set to create nice UX experiences. Choices
  21. 21. If we had time we would have told you everything that is possible with the VSCP framework. But we can't. Choices
  22. 22. One to unite them all More information is available at our site Not just a protocol.