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Spotify swot

  1. 1. Spotify SWOT Strengths: Spotify are promising audiences that they can stream music on your MP3 for free, you will also be able to do this subscription free as well unlike iTunes where you will have to have an Apple I’d and download all your music from the computer/laptop, where you can just do this at ease on your MP3 device wherever you are, it gives opportunities to share music files with friends.Whilst listening to your music on this MP3, you have the privilege of being able to listen too it without ad’s, you can also get instant playbacks. Overall this is achieving the object of what they are trying to do, breaking a space in the market for new MP3’s. Weaknessses: The weaknesses of using Spotify is that you will have to pay £10 a month to be able to use it, which some people may not want to do considering you can use iTunes for free. This app/MP3 is also non compatible cloud devices, meaning Ipods, Iphones, Apple computers and Ipads. It’s difficult to find just one song when using this; you have more luck finding the full album. You will also get PUSH notifications which you are unable to turn off which some people may get annoyed at because of being notified of things all the time. Opportunities: Since Facebook has changed the landscape of social networking, Spotify have managed to do the inevitable, the have managed to make Spotify connect with Facebook so that you can share your music through there, so you can download music and share it through the app to Facebook as you’re listening too it, this is something that you cant do with iTunes. Threats: The bad thing about Spotify and what it’s used for is that there is already a lot of competition out there so it will be difficult to break a gap in the music market, Apple are big contenders and are rated number 1 for almost everything, so Spotify will have to compete with this with great difficulty. There is also a free version of Spotify being created which is called MOG, this will mean that they will offer similar things to the Spotify which you will have to pay for, now the more people that find out about this will switch to the free version, which will mean that they will loose money and potentially go out of business. Artists are now also threating to sue music streaming apps due to not getting a cut of the money that they are making from there song’s being used.