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Reasons to Work at Katchen Company


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Discover the top 8 reasons to work at Katchen Company

Published in: Real Estate
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Reasons to Work at Katchen Company

  1. 1. 8 Reasons to Work at Katchen Company Opening Doors to Colorado Real Estate Solutions
  2. 2. You will have the chance to build on the reputable established foundation of over 50 YEARS of the finest Commercial and Residential Real Estate services in the Metro Denver area. 1. We have LOTS of experience
  3. 3. 2. Work with Seasoned Professionals You have the opportunity to work closely with a seasoned business professional who holds multiple college business degrees, has over forty years of business experience, and has spent the last twenty-five years building a successful real estate practice.
  4. 4. Our brokers are independent contractors who can develop their own business model and plan allowing them the freedom to work either commercial or residential real estate transactions of their choice. 3. Choose Your Path
  5. 5. 4. Opportunity for Growth Build on the steady GROWTH opportunities of multiple real estate service options
  6. 6. Work in a spacious open floor plan environment newly appointed with contemporary furniture and art. Whether you prefer to work collaboratively or alone this office environment will invigorate you and your business. 5. Collaborative Workspaces
  7. 7. You’ll have multiple commission platforms to choose from including Standard, Premium, Premium Plus, Rogue Agent and Green Parachute programs. Plus, all Brokers are part of the Team Spirt and Broker referral/Incentive programs. 6. Choose your Commission Platform
  8. 8. 7. Individual Mentors Build on the EXPERIENCE of the supportive broker who mentors & educates individually
  9. 9. Build on TEAM concepts that allow individuals to thrive within a strong support system 8. Supportive Team Environment
  10. 10. Contact Edward Boyle at 303.237.8658 x 101 or What are you waiting for?