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Little red riding hood


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Published in: Education, Business
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Little red riding hood

  2. 2. ADVANTAGES OF LIVING IN THE COUNTRYLiving in the country has a lot of advantages. Inhabitants of countries have a lot of space and places to walking. They can live peacefully without noise and stress. Living in the country is cheaper and more comfortable as well. But everything has disadvantages. In the villages we have limited approach to culture. Theatres and cinemas are in the cities, so if we want to see a play or a movie, we’ll go there. So we seldom do it.
  3. 3. OUR IDEAAfter conversations with students from our school and inhabitants of our village we have seen that so many of them don’t go to the theatre and don’t like it. We observed that older inhabitants of our village don’t know English. We have thought we can prepare a play in English. We have chosen ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, because we wanted to show something interesting for everyone.
  4. 4. One of us has written a screenplay.This is our play. ‘Little Red Riding Hood’
  5. 5. Once upon a time there was a little girl. She lived in a village near the forest. Everybody called her Little Red Riding Hood, because she had a beautiful red hood. One day her mum asked her to visit her ill grandma.
  6. 6. Mum: Your grandma is very ill, daughter. Take this basket and visit her. In the basket you’ve got: a delicious cake which I’ve baked, some fruits and some treats. She will be happier if she sees you.Little Red Riding Hood: Ok, mum.
  7. 7. Mum: Go through a good path. Don’t stop and don’t chat to strangers!Little Red Riding Hood: Don’t worry, mum. I will go straight to grandma, I won’t stop and I won’t chat to anybody. I will take care of myself! I promise! Bye, mum!
  8. 8. The girl was going through the forest and soon she forgot about her mum’s warning. She stopped on the glade, because she saw beautiful flowers. She thought that she could pick them for her grandma.
  9. 9. Little Red Riding Hood: What a beautiful day! Birds are tweeting and flowers are blooming! I will pick these flowers for my grandma. She will be glad!She is picking flowers.
  10. 10. Suddenly the wolf appears.
  11. 11. Wolf: Welcome, Little Red Riding Hood! What are you doing here? You’re the little girl. You shouldn’t go through the forest alone!Little Red Riding Hood: I’m going to my grandma. She is very ill. I’m carrying the basket with treats for her.
  12. 12. Wolf: Where does your grandma live?Little Red Riding Hood: My grandma lives in the dark forest in a little house.Wolf: Does she live alone?Little Red Riding Hood: Yes, she does. And she never opens strangers.
  13. 13. Wolf: Don’t hurry up with picking flowers! I have to go! Goodbye, Little Red Riding Hood!
  14. 14. Wolf: She is picking flowers, so I can go to grandma’s house. First I will eat her and then I will eat her granddaughter. It’s a perfect plan!
  15. 15. The Red Riding Hood is still picking flowers for her grandma. Meanwhile the wolf is knocking on grandma’s door. Will grandma open it?
  16. 16. Grandma: Who is there?Wolf (with changed voice): It’s me, grandma! Little Red Riding Hood! You’re ill, so I decided to visit you. I have some treats from mum!
  17. 17. Grandma: You’re voice is a little bit strange.Wolf: I have a cold and a hoarseness.Grandma: I’m not seeing you. Come on to the window!Little Red Riding Hood: Unfortunately, I can’t. I’ve hurt my leg in the forest!
  18. 18. The Wolf is coming in and then he is eating grandma!
  19. 19. After a few minutes Red Riding Hood is arriving at the place. She is knocking on the door.
  20. 20. Little Red Riding Hood: It’s me grandma! Little Red Riding Hood!Wolf: Come in, honey!
  21. 21. Little Red Riding Hood : What a darkness! Maybe I will turn the lights on?Wolf: No! My eyes are aching me.Little Red Riding Hood: Why is your voice so strange, grandma? Why are you speaking through your nose?Wolf: Because the bee has stung me.
  22. 22. Little Red Riding Hood: Why have you got such big eyes?Wolf: To see you better.Little Red Riding Hood: Why have you got such big ears?Wolf: Because I want to hear you better.Little Red Riding Hood: Why have you got such big teeth?Wolf: Because I want to eat you!
  23. 23. The Wolf is eating Little Red Riding Hood!
  24. 24. The woodsman is going trough the forest. He decides to visit the Red Riding Hood’s grandma because she is his good friend. He is knocking on the door but grandma isn’t opening. He realizes that door is open and he is coming inside the house. He notices that the wolf is sleeping in the grandma’s bed! He is very surprised!
  25. 25. Woodsmen: What’s going on? What are you doing here, wolf?Wolf: Nothing, nothing.Woodsmen: You’ve eaten the grandma and her granddaughter! Give them back or I’ll shoot you!Wolf: Ok, ok. I will give them back! Don’t kill me!
  26. 26. Grandma: Thank you, dear friend, forester.Little Red Riding Hood: We’re free now! And you, wolf, shame on you! Shame on you!Woodsmen: Yes, that’s right! How dared you eat this innocence grandmother and the little girl?!Wolf: I was very hungry and curious how they taste. I promise that I will never eat any humans!
  27. 27. We must follow the path, musn’t stop and never chat to strangers. And if we keep in mind all this rules, everything will be alright and nothing bad won’t happen. Remember this: the wolf, even when he seems to be nice and polite, he is still the wolf.