Solution Overview - Knowledge360, “Knowledge with 360 Degree Perspective


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The company name "Knowledge360" itself reflects our deliverables. “Knowledge with 360 Degree Perspective, in other words applicable knowledge which leads to intelligence.”

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Solution Overview - Knowledge360, “Knowledge with 360 Degree Perspective

  1. 1. Leading the Way to Success Expertise for a Knowledge Intensive Future The company name "Knowledge360" itself reflects our deliverables. “Knowledge with 360 Degree Perspective, in other words applicable knowledge which leads to intelligence.” Knowledge360 is a leading Market Research & Knowledge Consulting company with global perspective. K360 is a decision-oriented, analytical business research company with belief that the analysis of research data must lead to business decisions and to business actions. K360 is dedicated to being a catalyst for innovation — by identifying and exploring emerging opportunities on the edge of business and technology. Forward-thinking, competitive companies need to stay focused on new ideas and pushing the envelope. Just think of the changes mobile phones and social networks have heralded today, and one can easily comprehend thought process of innovators. K360 assist clients in developing acumen for upending similar perceptions of risk and reward. K360 deliver the insights necessary for clients to make the right decisions, every day. Knowledge360 started in September 2005, as a market research and advisory company to help leading corporations gain competitive advantage by providing a broad knowledge of business issues, with a deep understanding of Cutting Edge Technology. Since then, K360 has been helping clients from both public and private sectors achieve superior value, by creating a framework that allows clients to see through complexity, clarify issues, deliver effective strategies, and seamlessly implementation recommendations. K360 provide mission-critical Business Information, Research, Analysis, Strategy, and Knowledge outsourcing solutions in TMT marketplace.
  2. 2. LEADING THE KNOWLEDGE REVOLUTION K360’s collaborative network of business consultants assures clients of specialized and cost effective research and advisory services. K360 delivers far higher value for money because of knowledge centric structure, focus on results and client inclination of key resources. K360's strength is objective approach, founded on a unique commitment to excellence, value and independence. Position – K360 exclusively cover cutting edge technologies and markets. Excellence – K360 is committed to excellence and quality in every aspect of work: in relationships with its clients, in the assignments it delivers, and in the people it recruits and develops. Value – K360 has intense focus on delivering value through deep industry insight, application of technology, and culture of respect, collaboration and flexibility in working with clients. Independence – K360 is the pre-eminent client- side advisor, independent of vendors and service providers. As an employee-owned company, K360 is answerable to clients and to itself only. Pricing – K360 delivers best research value, backed by top professionals, focused on achieving clients’ success, leveraging proprietary methods, and dynamic network. PEOPLE ARE THE KEY TO OUR BUSINESS Managing and growing a successful market research and management consulting organization is in equal parts art and science, left and right brain, creativity and structure, intuition and pragmatism, people and processes. K360's success is due to capability of its people in balancing different opposing forces to create harmony. Our product is largely intangible, created and delivered by the minds of the people who work for us while our clients have an ever-changing, open-ended variety of needs, which creates a number of challenges. With such an open-ended business, our people with capability to deliver creative solutions under extensive pressure and dynamic environment are always our most important asset. Our consultants, analysts, researchers, experts, writers and everyone else who work in our organisation are the most important component of our ability to serve our clients and succeed in business.
  3. 3. KNOWLEDGE PRODUCTS Business and technology professionals see K360’s offerings as an indispensable daily resource. Research reports, forecasts and analysis from K360, known as Knowledge Products, turn complex information into insight you can use for business advantage. Knowledge Products from K360 provides complete end to end view of what you need to know, what you need to do, where you need to look, and who you should be paying attention to. Knowledge Products are independent, insightful, and instantly applicable to your business challenges. OUR CLIENTS K360 provides most comprehensive collection of analysis and advice for those involved in Business of Technology and Technology for Business. Thanks to our clients who are top investment bankers, advisory and consulting organisations with excellent reputation across the globe, we have been involved in several hundred projects covering more than 160 countries. We have helped our clients and their clients make strategic choices, make a positive impact in peoples' lives while reducing costs, and enhance value delivered. We consistently satisfy clients with our commitment to give them the most of their consulting investment and have expanded our range of activities to meet clients' needs for managing dynamic technology marketplace. From CXOs and senior executives in corporations and government agencies, to business leaders in high-tech and telecom enterprises and professional services firms, to technology investors, K360 is indispensable partner to hundred of clients spread across six continents.
  4. 4. ABOUT KNOWLEDGE360 K360 is a global market research and advisory company. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across technology marketplace and verticals, and extensive research covering 160 countries, K360 collaborates with public and private sector clients to help them become leaders. With our network of people in 169 countries along with expertise in every segment of Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT) market, K360 knows the world (in TMT domain) better than anyone else. # 203, Anchor Mall, Ajmer Road, Jaipur, India - 302006 Call: +91-9601294896 Email: Copyright © 2009 Knowledge360, All rights reserved. Knowledge360, its logo, are trademarks of Knowledge360.