DeAnna J's Natural Hair Blog


Published on Natural Hair Blogger Deanna Janese brings you her insight about Natural Hair Transitioning and Daily Maintenance. DeAnna discusses various natural hair styles from afro to curls and provides keen advice.

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DeAnna J's Natural Hair Blog

  1. 1. DeAnna J's Natural Hair Blog Via
  2. 2. DeAnna J's Natural Hair Blog So I'm DeAnna. Usually people ask to describe yourself in three words when first getting to know you, so for myself, I would say - naturalista (girl with natural hair), fashionista (girl who loves fashion), and traveler. I've been natural for 3 years now and it's been an adventurous ride! You never know what to expect with natural hair. There are infinite ways to play in it and style it! Having natural hair has become like a cult! Don't you remember back in the day when it seemed like girls were shunned for not having bone straight hair?! I know you remember having a perm, then after a few weeks or so seeing those curly roots coming back and you make a mad dash to the hair salon! Who would've thought that having natural hair would be so......"in"? There are hundreds of natural hair groups on social media where ladies share secrets and cute styling techniques. I mean come on, there's even a natural hair language (big chop, protective style, pineapple, etc.)! I'm sure you've heard of the hair texture system (I would be a 4b) but honestly, no texture is alike, which is why natural hair is so fascinating! I can admit I’m hooked, even borderline obsessed with my hair. At work I’m known for my hair. The first time I’m introduced to someone, it is automatically said that "she changes her hair every day"! Then I get the shocked look, and the millions of questions that follow. The priceless
  3. 3. moments are when I’m petted because of the intense curiosity that overwhelms them! Either way, I'm so excited to take you on my hair journey with me! But before we get to that, I'll tell you more about myself. I grew up in Chesapeake, VA, then went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City for college for three years, and spent one year studying abroad in Florence, Italy. My college years shaped my life and created what I see my personal style to be - ever changing, eclectic, and unique! Studying in Italy opened my eyes to the world around me and I have had the traveling itch ever since! I’m so inspired by other cultures and how they live, eat, and have their own style. I’ve had the privilege of traveling to over 13 countries in my short lifetime.
  4. 4. I'm currently 25 and living in Southwest Florida (yes, the boring, retirement area). I work for a women's retailer where I was a buyer for 3 1/2 years, and am now the Manager of Merchandise Coordination (responsible for the execution of our catalogs and Print/TV advertising). I travel to our photo shoots to ensure that all aspects of the styling of each outfit reflects our brand vision! Sounds exciting right? My hair is my guilty pleasure, and since I’m constantly on the go, is have plenty of 5 minute up do's to share, easy care tips, and just simple ways to make your hair work for you! Natural hair is by no means easy, but I feel like I get the most enjoyment out of the numerous ways to style it! I surprise myself sometimes! Welcome to my journey! - DeAnna Janese
  5. 5. hair-is-ugly.html What If You Think Your Natural Hair is Ugly? If you think your natural hair is ugly……..I’d simply ask….why? Ok Ok. Maybe you don’t like how kinky it is, or how dry it can be sometimes, or frizzy? Yes, it does take forever to wash, detangle, and style it. All I can tell you is, EMBRACE IT! Let’s be real here. How many times do people of “other persuasions” come up and tell you how cool your hair is and how they wish they could do as much with their hair? BELIEVE THEM! Your hair is wonderful, versatile, thick, funky, amazing, kinky, and every other cool adjective you can come up with. How else could you have hair that you can wash and then “go”? Or what about how you can then twist and it and let it dry turning into silky, luxurious curls? Or how you can blow dry it into a huge afro? Or how you can flat iron it and it will be full, thick, and voluminous – without extra products or extensions?
  6. 6. The key with natural hair is simply trial and error. You can ask everybody and their mama about what products they use, but at the end of the day, no textures are exactly alike. You
  7. 7. have to try different products and see what truly works for you. Most likely, your bathroom will turn into a beauty supply store, but you will find what your hair craves and your secret weapons for each style! Experiment with different styles at every stage of your hair growth process and see what compliments you! YOUR BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL and so is your hair. CLAIM IT. ugly.html
  8. 8. About the Author DeAnna Janese DeAnna Janese is a woman of many talents and aspirations. She is currently the Manager of Merchandise Coordination for a popular US retailer where she is responsible for the execution of all catalogs and TV & Print ads. In her position she travels to domestic and international photo shoots to ensure her company's brand vision is reflected in the photo and apparel styling of each outfit. She is also the Owner of D. Anna Brand Management Firm which provides innovative image consulting and styling services, as well as consulting on marketing and merchandising strategies to increase customer satisfaction and profitability. While studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, DeAnna spent one year abroad in Florence, Italy, which sparked her love for travel. Since then she has traveled to over 12 countries and each cultural experience has brought inspiration for her personal style. DeAnna Janese currently resides in Fort Myers, Florida. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, creating floral arrangements, interior design, and styling her hair of course. DeAnna Janese | Owner of D. Anna Brand Management Firm | email @DeAnna Janese | facebook @DeAnnaJanese | twitter @DeAnna Janese | instagram @DAnnabranding | pinterest More Natural Hair Blogs, Photos, and Tips @