Kalamazoo Autism Center


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Kalamazoo Autism Center

  1. 1. Why Choose ABA? Applied Behavior Analysis pro- vides a scientific approach to un- derstanding and modifying be- havior. ABA is the only approach to autism approved by both the Sur- geon General and the Food and Location Drug Administration (FDA). KAC is housed within a well- Experts recommend that children established preschool, the Child with autism receive 30-40 Development Center on Cork hours/week of early intensive be- Street between Westnedge Ave havioral instruction. and Burdick St. (110 W Cork Kalamazoo, MI 49001) You can pick up and drop off your child at your convenience. Kalamazoo The CDC is open from 6:30am-6pm Autism KAC offers services from 8am-6pm Center KAC Contact Information Kelly Stone: (269) 599-5769 Jessica Korneder: (626) 676-7984 Dick Malott: (269) 372-1268 DickMalott.com
  2. 2. Our History… Dr. Richard Malott is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Western Michigan University. In 1996, he helped develop Croyden Avenue Schoolʼs Early Childhood Devel- opmental Delay classroom, with graduate and undergraduate students from the Behavior Analysis program at WMU providing one-on-one behavioral services for the children. In 2008, he started the Kalamazoo Autism Center to supplement the Croyden program but also found a need for affordable autism services for families from all over southwest Michigan. KAC started with just two students and has grown considerably since then. Services Provided We provide one-on-one, early, intensive behavioral services to all our students. We focus on helping children learn to talkParent Feedback: or sign, to verbally request what they Costs: want, rather than to merely point or tan-“I love the one-on-one attention Our goal is to keep your costs as trum, to label everyday objects, to follow my child receives. I also love low as possible, $160 to $600 for directions, and to engage in conversa- that the tutors seem very com- a 40 hour week, proportionally tion.fortable and skilled when work- less for fewer hours. Typically ing with the children.” We also focus on: early, intensive behavioral serv- • Pre-academic & academic skills ices of this sort cost about $1,500 “Wonderful tutors, responsible per week. • Social skills staff.” • Play skills “I donʼt know what I would do • Expanding food choices without the tutors!” • Reduction of problem behavior • Using eating utensils, toileting, and“My child has made tremendous other activities of daily living progress since attending KAC.”