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meet  dawn
she’s in  marketing
her credit union  wants
a  younger member base
dawn is  smart
time for a  kids club
start early build good habits youth members  bring better parent members steady core deposits loyalty
oh…and I forgot
kids  rule!
dawn  could
create  her own
Stinky Savers
The Money Maggots
a  consensus  might be  tough
did we  mention ?
dawn is  smart
dawn meet  joe
and his  friends
great  products
a custom branded  website YOUR LOGO
branded  games
live  events
it’s  customizable
with credit union  service
what do credit unions  think?
20% growth   in  one quarter!
“ The other kids clubs out there do not even compare”
“ proven…entertainment value as well as emphasizing financial literacy ”
are you  ready?
dawn  is.
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Nyib Presentation 2008


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The Money Mammals Champion Sponsorship presentation at the Las Vegas NYIB 2008

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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