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Exotic bali


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holiday in bali, beautiful and exciting

Published in: Travel, Art & Photos
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Exotic bali

  1. 1. Exotic bali Joha rahman
  2. 2. Breathtaking beauty at the sea front
  3. 3. Setting Sun, on our way to the keccap dance
  4. 4. When the sun sets, the dance will start
  5. 5. Reliving the epic of Ramayanna
  6. 6. The story of Love and the fight of evils and goods
  7. 7. The Evil of Ravanna that captured Sita
  8. 8. Sita the beautiful wife of Rama
  9. 9. And Hanuman the monkey king that helped him win
  10. 10. We set off to Mount Agong
  11. 11. Met the procession – bringing the dead
  12. 12. And the disciples that walked with him
  13. 13. Greatly in anticipation of the glory
  14. 14. Brought forth from the fore fathers
  15. 15. Although can not be proven by arguments
  16. 16. The terraced padi that fed countless generations
  17. 17. The artistic sense that translated to goods displayed
  18. 18. And the market that sell the labor of love
  19. 19. That attracted the young and the old
  20. 20. The beauty and the memory will lingers
  21. 21. And will be brought home to many continents.. Time to ride back home
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