Turkey's indigenous wine varieties 11812


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Turkey's indigenous wine varieties 11812

  1. 1. Future Past: Turkey’s Finest Indigenous Varieties Joel Butler MW
  2. 2. Topographical Map of Turkey, with altitude of specific wine areas *Kalecik (707m) Mt Ararat* Anatolia (5137M)*Manisa (73m) *Kayseri (1189m) Elaziğ* (1062m) *Güney (830m) *Diyarbakir (625m) *Denizli (375m) *Adana (29m) 190km
  3. 3. /2012 Palgrave- MacMillan
  4. 4. Map of the Ancient Vineyard Sites in Turkey
  5. 5. Turkey’s Big Five Indigenous Varieties (and a couple of others!)
  6. 6. Emir – Yazgan 2011, Nevsehir, Cappadocia Çepnidere vineyard of Yazgan near Manisa
  7. 7. Yapincak- 2011 Paşaeli Winery, Sarköy, TrakyaSeyit Karagözoğlu Andrea Paoletti Vineyards near Sarköy & Marmara Sea ©2011 joel Butler MW
  8. 8. Narince- Vinkara 2010 Kalecik/TokatVinkara’s Kalecik vineyard near Red River, Narince Tokat Region Narince bush-trained Narince VSP Ottoman Citadel above Tokat
  9. 9. Kalecik Karasi- Sevilen 2011, Güney Güney Plateau VSP-trained Terra-rossa clay-limestoneGüney Plateau Vineyard with pebbly-rocky gravel Güney, about 800-900m Güney Plateau Soil Profile Terra-Rossa limestone
  10. 10. Kalecik Karasi-Vinkara Reserve 2010, Kalecik Harvesting Kalecik Karasi, 7 Oct 2011 in VinKara’s Kalecik Karasi vines and VinKara Winery Very rocky clay-loam alluvial/volcanic soils Clone 9 [12?] Massal selectionKalecik Karasi grapes being brought to winery, 7 Oct 2011
  11. 11. Kalecik Karasi- Kavaklidere Prestige 2009, Kalecik
  12. 12. Öküzgözü- Pendore 2010, Kemaliye/Pendore
  13. 13. Öküzgözü- Kayra Vintage 2009, Elaziğ
  14. 14. Boğazkere- Doluca Tugra 2009, Denizli Boğazkere on Güney Plateau near Denizli©2011 Joel Butler MW The Kutman family of Doluca ©2011 Joel Butler MW ©2011 Joel Butler MW
  15. 15. Boğazkere- Kayra Vintage 2009, Diyarbakir©2011 Joel Butler MW©2010 Caroline Gilby MW ©2012 I-Winereview.com
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