Social Media 101: Engaging and Connecting with Your Customers


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An overview of social media for beginners, insights, tips, tricks and tools. This presentation was given to a group of small business owners/entrepeneurs seeking to learn how to leverage social media in the public relations and marketing efforts.

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Social Media 101: Engaging and Connecting with Your Customers

  1. 1. Social Media 101Engaging & connecting with customers August 8, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Overview top social media outlets• What are some of the tools & tricks?• How do you measure success?• Practical application (30 min. optional)
  3. 3. It’s about Engaging People
  4. 4. Having Conversations
  5. 5. Leveraging Word of Mouth
  6. 6. Capitalizing on Testimonials Studies show online conversations are good predictors— • box office revenues • electoral outcomes • What your customers think!
  7. 7. Having a Presence and SEO List and link your business: • Google maps • Bing • Manta • Yahoo • City Search • Yellow Pages • Yelp
  8. 8. Company Name vs. Individual Post• Multiple profiles means more work• Family and friends want different content than business colleagues – Individuals can use Facebook lists or Google+ circles – Facebook company pages have more features – Linkedin groups, unless you are big, aren’t very strong• Facebook company page has more features Be intentional with your access and purpose
  9. 9. The Big FourFacebook Twitter YouTube LinkedinB2C B2C and B2B B2C B2B800 M+ users 108 M US/465 M 490 M+ est. 161 M professionals worldwide men (63%) women (37%)• Lots of power users and • Easy to extend beyond • Largest viewership of • Excellent for networking less interaction than friends-open to people any video site and warming leads Twitter. Most seek they don’t know • Most seek people they people they know. are acquainted with• Focuses on personal • More about connecting • 2nd largest search • Enables you to position sharing to contacts and brands engine next to Google- self as an expert• Biz page: 1-to-1 than friends SEO • Online resume messaging, pin a top • Becoming more • Link to website very • Link to website very status, cover photo, entertainment & sports visible visible very discount oriented focused • Good video repository • 3 out of 4 there for• Can mass email • Most racially diverse and can embed videos business purpose• Users are more trusting mainstream outlet • Reporters use to and more social validate expertise• More political405-700 min per month 21 min. per month 15-25 min. a day • 8 min per visit (17 min mo. )18-44 yr. olds (50% log in 26-54 yr. olds (log in 1 or 44+ yrs. Old (most haveevery day) twice a month) $100K household income)
  10. 10. Ethical Tips and Tricks• Provide full disclosure• Link to your business website or create a page on your website for listing your relationships• Cite your business identity in your profile• Make a hash tag notation #spon (sponsored), #paid (paid), #rep (represent), and #samp (sample)• State you are sharing your personal opinion• Tag a Video, Audio blog, or Podcast (rolling credits and caveats)• Do not pay for, or run contests to promote recommendations/reviews
  11. 11. Etiquette Tips and Tricks• Always acknowledge when someone mentions you, either with a direct message, like, or reply• Respond to input quickly• Promote yourself only 20% of the time• Refrain from yelling--using all caps bold, underlining, and use exclamation marks sparingly (besides it makes it hard to read on a phone)• Don’t tag nonusers or send email invitations to nonusers without their consent• Educate, inform or increase awareness-don’t use direct mail language or mislead people• Automated twitter accounts and purchasing followers or friends never leads to good It’s a work party! business Don’t be a bore.• Always give credit to sources• Counter negative comments in a respectful, yet direct manner• Seldom repeat material unless you reframe it• Remember please and thank you!
  12. 12. Engagement Tips and Tricks• Be concise• Be visual• Join Linkedin groups• Like, recommend, share• Use surveys and polls—share results too!• Ask pertinent questions• Promote your social media channels• Reply and/or thank others for good information Off-line or real life rules apply!• Participate in the Linkedin question and answer forums• Thank those that compliment but don’t retweet every recommendation• Directly engage others using the + or @ symbol• It’s all about liking this and hating that—learn from it!
  13. 13. Time Management Tips and Tricks• Create a content/editorial calendar and plan quarterly-focusing on one topic per month• Schedule posts for the week(s) but check in periodically (think about scheduling time to monitor)• Use a Smartphone app to check in when you are killing time There’s an app for that
  14. 14. Content Management Tips and Tricks• Share images• Shorten links using• Provide links only some of the time• Share personal interests• Collect evergreen material• Encourage others to send you material• Recycle website information• Quote people• Share stats and data Be authentic-share the real you• Use industry trade news or corporate/parent affiliations as a news source• Retweet (Twitter) or share other people’s content• Check out your competition and see what they are doing, and be open to competitors•, is a reliable source for acronyms.
  15. 15. Measurement Tips and Tricks • Have fun, experiment • Measure weekly/monthly • Use a free tool to generate reports • Only measure actionable data and use it
  16. 16. The Klout Jury is Still Out Average score = 20 1. How many people you influence 2. How much you influence them 3. The influence of your network
  17. 17. What should you measure?--Fans/Followers --Click-through rate--Shares --Calls --Bounce rate --Leads--Retweets --Page view length --Sales--Impressions --Return visits
  18. 18. Managing and Measurement Tools PAID FREEHootSuite: team access, schedule and monitor TweetDeck: schedule and monitor tweetsmany channels, integrated with more analytics, (Twitter) onlymore robust report featureHubspot: measurement and listening - a rare HootSuite: schedule and monitor many channels,combo; prettiest reports; good for doing research. integrated with analyticsCustomScoop: Scans YouTube, Facebook and Buffer: Finds the best times to schedule yourTwitter, plus online news resources; intuitive for tweets and Facebook posts; allows multiple bit.lyresearch; automatically emails accounts.reports/PDF’s/excel docs/etc.Actionly: measure everything including page Crowdbooster: Freemium model; analyzesviews, clicks, revenue, retweets, etc. and set up account to show when users most engage withcampaigns; publish from multiple networks and tweets and suggests scheduled time based on theaccounts; track conversations; analyzes algorithm; multiple accounts as well but onlysentiment and create custom reports with paid programCrowdbooster: Freemium model; analyzes and Dynamic Tweets: very basic, easy tool thatshows when users most engaged and suggests schedules tweets (Twitter), and search throughscheduled time; multiple accounts old tweets
  19. 19. Let’s Network !