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Mind mapping to visualize complex information generated by IBM Watson


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Mind mapping automation used to visualize complex information generated by the IBM Watson cognitive system.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Mind mapping to visualize complex information generated by IBM Watson

  2. 2. IBM Watson Watson is a cognitive technology that can think like a human. Watson is available as a set of open APIs and SaaS products. (c) Infoseg, S.A. 2016 2
  3. 3. Understand With Watson, you can analyze and interpret all of your data, including unstructured text, images, audio and video. (c) Infoseg, S.A. 2016 3
  4. 4. Reason With Watson, you can provide personalized recommendations by understanding a user's personality, tone, and emotion. (c) Infoseg, S.A. 2016 4
  5. 5. Learn With Watson, you can utilize machine learning to grow the subject matter expertise in your apps and systems. (c) Infoseg, S.A. 2016 5
  6. 6. Interact With Watson, you can create chat bots that can engage in dialog. (c) Infoseg, S.A. 2016 6
  7. 7. Mind Mapping Adds new possibilities to visualize complex information generated by Watson. Complex information cannot be visualized correctly using linear text of hyperlink applications. (c) Infoseg, S.A. 2016 7
  8. 8. Watson - Alchemy AlchemyLanguage is a collection of natural language processing APIs that can help you to understand sentiment, keywords, entities, high-level concepts and more. (c) Infoseg, S.A. 2016 8
  9. 9. Visualization of Alchemy results using mind mapping automation Sample text In 2009, AlchemyAPI was launched to process the written word, with all of its quirks and nuances, and got immediate traction. That first month, the company's eponymous language-analysis API processed 500,000 transactions. Today it's processing three billion transactions a month, or about 1,200 a second. “That's a growth rate of 6,000 times over three years,” touts Turner. “Context is super-important,” he adds. “'I'm dying' is a lot different than 'I'm dying to buy the new iPhone.'” “As we move into new markets, we're going to be making some new hires, Turner says. We knocked down some walls and added 2,000 square feet to our office.” “We're providing the ability to translate human language in the form of web pages and documents into actionable data,” Turner says. Clients include Walmart, PR Newswire and numerous publishers and advertising networks. “This allows a news organization to detect what a person likes to read about,” says Turner of publishers and advertisers. (c) Infoseg, S.A. 2016 9
  10. 10. Output mind map (c) Infoseg, S.A. 2016 10
  11. 11. Next step Outlook add-in To analize messages before sending them. Or received messages. (c) Infoseg, S.A. 2016 11
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