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Selected Academic Work


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Selected Academic Work

  1. 1. Selected Academic Work Nick Goodwin
  2. 2. This presentation gives a sample of some of my selected academic work in college. All reports, except for my Capstone on Sarbanes-Oxley, were performed while at graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin. Most of the documents include the assignment requirements at the beginning; otherwise, the introducing slide explains the assignment. The embedded links in each slide direct to specific Google Docs. Executive Compensation Report International Taxation Memorandum Johnson & Johnson Financial Statement Analysis Report Professional Interview Report Sarbanes-Oxley Capstone Tax Planning Case – International Earnings Tax Research Memorandum Taxation of Virtual Property Essay
  3. 3. Executive Compensation Report Executive Compensation at GE My course on Corporate Governance required me to analyze a Harvard Business case regarding executive compensation at General Electric. Executive compensation holds a spotlight during the recession and global economic crisis and is a topic with which I am genuinely interested. I analyzed the compensation packages of the CEO and board members at GE and presented advice on whether the plan was favorable. Jack Welch’s focus on market capitalization and maximization of shareholder value were deemphasized when Jeffery Immelt took the helm. The report focused on executive compensation from a corporate governance perspective.
  4. 4. International Taxation Memorandum International Tax Memo This memo was assigned during my International & Interstate Taxation course. It involved two hypothetical tax situations regarding the US foreign tax credit. To simulate real-world time pressure, I received only 72 hours to complete the assignment from start to finish.
  5. 5. Johnson & Johnson Financial Statement Analysis Report Johnson & Johnson Report As part of my semester project in my Financial Statement Analysis course, I worked with a small team of MBA and MPA candidates to prepare a report on Johnson & Johnson. Our assignment was to present a complete analysis on the company and our recommendations of its valuation. I complied the entire report from my team members’ submissions and composed Appendix M, an optional analysis of the company’s income tax component. Additionally, I designed each chart in Appendix N, beginning on page 56, and formatted every schedule and financial statement in the report.
  6. 6. Professional Interview Report Professional Interview Report Part of the curriculum in my summer Business Communication course required me to interview a professional in the realm of accounting about the role of communication. Rather than call someone with whom I was already familiar, I took a shot in the dark and emailed a CFO of a Fortune 50 company. The CFO responded and granted me a phone interview, the details of which are outlined in the report. I have omitted any identifying information to preserve confidentiality.
  7. 7. Sarbanes-Oxley Capstone Sarbanes-Oxley Capstone I wrote this essay while an undergraduate. My assignment was to select a social issue and create an analysis based on a question that began with the word, “should.” This essay represents the culmination of my undergraduate studies and demonstrates my ability to recognize an important social issue and my capability to perform research. At the time (2007), I analyzed whether Sarbanes- Oxley (SOX) should be reformed. Corporate America and the accounting industry was still in the aftermath of SOX and I wanted to explore whether the Act would help prevent fraud. I was required to research a multitude of varied sources, including two personal interviews and engage in a course of action to promote awareness of the topic.
  8. 8. Tax Planning Case – International Earnings Tax Panning - Subpart F This case was the final assignment during my Tax Planning for Business Entities course in the summer of 2009. It involved analyzing and presenting a solution to an international tax issue regarding foreign earnings. The “Value-adding” section required me to heavily apply NPV earnings and cash flow analyses in tandem with my knowledge of international taxation.
  9. 9. Tax Research Memorandum Tax Research Memo The third memorandum in my Tax Research Methodology course required me to analyze, identify, and research tax issues within a set of facts. It represents a hypothetical case of two wealthy individuals, based on a true case from Grant Thornton. The assignment demanded proper citation, application of tax law, and tax issue identification.
  10. 10. Taxation of Virtual Property Essay Taxation of Virtual Property During my coursework in The Legal Environment of Business for MPAs, I was encouraged to explore a legal topic and present an essay on my research. In this essay, I researched the taxation of virtual property transactions and presented answers to several key issues.