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jeremy speiser


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My name is Jeremy Speiser and I am a California Licensed Acupuncturist. Some of you may know me from my herbal medicine company, Eastern Essentials.

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jeremy speiser

  1. 1. Jeremy Speiser, L.Ac.- CEO of Eastern Essentials Herbal ProductsQuality is KeyMy name is Jeremy Speiser, and I am a California Licensed Acupuncturist and the owner of EasternEssentials. There is a reason why Eastern Essentials herbal formulas are so effective and safe and whywe are considered one of the highest quality herbal products you can find anywhere. People all over theworld use our products for many different ailments, and there is a reason they keep on referring theirfriends and family to us. Simply because, our products WORK!Chinese herbal medicine, as most people know, dates back thousands of years. It is an extremelyeffective form of health care for many ailments seen in the ancient world, as well as today. Even inmodern China, with their development and all the modern medical practices now readily availablethere, herbal medicine is still very popular and used throughout. They understand that there is a timefor pharmaceuticals and surgery, and there is a time for herbs and acupuncture. Sometimes all of themcan be mixed together. In China, in a huge modern hospital, they will have everything hospitals in theUS have, but with an acupuncture and herbal medicine department. When I was there, I even sawdoctors prescribe herbs and drugs on the same prescription.One thing you won’t find in China, are herbs that are simply grinded into a powder than pressed intotablets or put into capsules. You will only see people there ingesting herbs in 1 of 3 ways.1) Cooked with their food2) Drank as a tea3) Extracted first, then made into a powder then formed into pills or capsules.They understand that for herbal medicine to be extremely effective, you need to extract the medicinalparts from the plant first. This way it is readily available to the body, and the cellulose or fibrous parts ofthe plants can be discarded. You will then only ingest the medicinal chemicals.At Eastern Essentials we use herbs extracted with pharmaceutical precision just like they do in China. Allof our products are made of herbs that are not just dried plant parts blended into a powder like mostother herb companies do. The body won’t be able to efficiently absorb this. We use herbs that are firstextracted using modern high tech equipment, then made into powder to create pharmaceutical gradeextracts for maximum potency and absorption. Our extracts are 5:1, which means that it is 5 timesstronger then if you just used the plant grinded into powder without extracting it.All of our formulas are made with herbal extracts that are manufactured under Pharmaceutical-gradeGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines, and our quality is unmatched. I recommend you trysome of our products and you will know the true powerful healing of herbs.
  2. 2. Jeremy Speiser, L.Ac.Eastern Essentials, LLC.Ancient Remedies for a Modern World