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Part 9 - Ad-hoc Accounts Summary


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The ad-hoc accounts summary tab and the information required to use this.

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Part 9 - Ad-hoc Accounts Summary

  1. 1. PAT 3 – Guide Part 9 – Ad-Hoc Accounts SummaryThis tab is optional. Choosing not to use it will not affect otherareas of the workbook
  2. 2. PAT 3 – GuideIf you wish to produce a snapshot of the general account for a meeting, you canuse the Ad-Hoc Summary. Simply enter the date range you wish for transactions toappear. Also, enter the number of months for the budget. For example, if you havefrom the 1st January to the 28th February, then enter 2 months. The workbook willthen take your budget figures and show two twelfths so that you have acomparative of current vs budget.If you scroll down, you will also see thepayments on this tab.