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Innovative breakthrough inventions


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Innovative breakthrough inventions

  1. 1. InnovativeInventions
  2. 2. Mecha (me-ka)Mecha genre originated inJapan. The word originatesfrom the word "meka" whichis a Japanese abbreviationfor mechanical. It is different from stylizedsuits like Ironman. Mecha is a "supersized"robot. It greatly contributes to thepopularity of sci-fi genre.
  3. 3. Novels and Time TravelGenji Monogatari is the firstnovel of the world.Urashima Tarou is the firststory which was abouttime travel.
  4. 4. MethamphetamineMeth was first synthesized in Japan in 1894 byNagayoshi Nagai. In 1919, crystal meth wasfirst synthesized by Akira Ogata.Meth was primarily used to fight fatigue duringthe war but it had adverse effects.
  5. 5. ShinkansenJapan was the first countryto build dedicated railwaylines for high speed travel.Because of themountainous terrain, theexisting network consistedof 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)narrow gauge lines, whichgenerally took indirectroutes and could not beadapted to higher speeds.
  6. 6. Fire BallFire ball was a weapon experimentby Japan which was used duringthe World War II. It is also calledfuusen bakudan or fire balloon orfu-go.Between November 1944 and April1945, Japan launched over 9,300fire balloons. About 300 balloonbombs were found or observed inNorth America, killing six peopleand causing a small amount ofdamage.
  7. 7. Instant NoodlesCup noodles were inventedby Momofuku Ando. It wasfirst released as NissinsChikin Ramen on August 25,1958. The Japaneseconsidered it as abreakthrough invention ofthe 20th century.
  8. 8. KaraokeThere is still a debate whoinvented Karaoke.However, most believe thatit was the Japanese. Karameans "empty" fromKarappo and Oke meansorchestra from Ok-esutora.Daisuke Inoue invented itin Kobe, Japan in the year1971.
  9. 9. Monosodium GlutamateIt was discovered byProfessor Kikunae Ikedafrom the seaweed, kombu. Itprovides a fifth taste calledumami.