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Polls io presentation at TADHack-mini Orlando


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Conner, Paul, Giancarlos used VoIP Innovations to create a service that allows local government to be be more involved with their constituents and allows their constituents to be more involved with the local government by allow easy opinion polling on new projects, bills, etc. This will also allow the local governments to be able to easily send out updates on new legislature and its progress. This polling service can be generalized to be used for businesses and events. They won $400 from VoIP Innovations and t-shirts from Code for Orlando.

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Polls io presentation at TADHack-mini Orlando

  1. 1. Polls IO Polling via SMS: news, legislation updates, and an easier way to get feedback. Conner Luzier Paul Wood Giancarlos Toro Powered by APIDaze / VoIP Innovations
  2. 2. Polls IO Try registering on: Register with Code: TADHACK TADHack 2018
  3. 3. Polls IO Tech Stack Python MongoDB Flask TADHack 2018
  4. 4. Polls IO Thank you! TADHack 2018