Moving 101:Tips to Make your Move Easier by Golan's Moving and Storage


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Moving 101 is a presentation for people who wish to move but thinks that moving is too big of an undertaking for them. Golan's Moving and Storage is the go to Chicago Movers and Moving Company for local, long distance and international moving since 1990. Golan's shares some valuable tips and guides to make moving easier. visit for more information.

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Moving 101:Tips to Make your Move Easier by Golan's Moving and Storage

  1. 1. Tips to Make Your Move Easierby Golan’s Moving and StorageMoving 101
  2. 2. When is the best time tomove? Every person is different in what theyneed, however, the summer season isalways the busiest time of the year. Whatever works for you is still “the besttime” to move. Ask your moving company for peak versusoff-peak local rates and move outside ofpeak dates to save money.
  3. 3. Factors to Consider beforeMovingWeather – will significantly impact yourlifestyleMoving ExpensesCost of living – goods and services may varyfrom one city to the nextSchools- if you have children check out localschool or private schools if you can afford.Taxes- varies per state so this is really wellworth researching!
  4. 4. Moving & Packing Tips to MakeYour Move EasierAir conditioners- Before moving, consult theowner’s manual for any service instructions.Bedding- Place bedding in clean cartons. Lightarticles such as blankets or pillows may be putinto furniture drawers.Books-Books should be packed insmall, strong, securely tied cartons (1.0 – 2.0cubic feet ideal). Do not pack books in furnituredrawers or leave them in portable bookshelves.
  5. 5. More tips…China/Glassware- Wrap china and all fragileobjects in paper individually. Large plates andheavy pieces should be placed on the bottom ofthe container, on edge. Smaller plates, cups andsaucers toward the top of the container. Platesand dishes should be placed in a vertical positionwith pads of paper in between.
  6. 6. More tips…Clothing- For storage, clothing should be cleaned.Small clothing articles pack nicely insuitcases, boxes or trunks.Drawers- Articles such asblankets, cushions, pillows, and clothing may beleft in drawers depending on the size of thefurniture piece. Never leave liquids, breakables orfirearms in drawers.Dryers, Electric or Gas- Check with your serviceman. Motors may need to be checked andsecured.
  7. 7. More…Food- No perishable foods, ever. Non-perishable, unopened containers can betransported when the pick-up and delivery occurwithin 48 hours.Jewelry- Keep valuable jewelry in your immediatepossession.Kitchen Utensils- Kitchen utensils should be cleanand placed in cartons or barrels.
  8. 8. More…Lamps- Remove ornamental tops and put in asafe place… one you will remember. Small lampsmay be wrapped and placed in cartons for safemoving.Mirrors- For storage or long distance moving, theymust be crated for safe handling.Paintings/Pictures- Small pictures can be safelyplaced between the folds of blankets or pillows indrawers or cartons. Large and valuable picturesand paintings must be padded, wrapped andcrated for moving.
  9. 9. Who Said MovingIsn’t Easy?
  10. 10. Golan’s MovingCompany In ChicagoMakes Moving Easy!
  11. 11. Thank you for viewing!Visit more moving and packingtips