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Barbara Hendricks


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Barbara Hendricks

  1. 1. “ Name-your-price for Endless Pleasure”: How Believe & Arte Verum orchestrated the innovative release of Barbara Hendricks' latest album
  2. 2. Believe lead Endless Pleasure to success by… … building the digital strategy with Barbara Hendricks … creating the destination site for the «Name-your-price » campaign … managing the marketing campaign on iTunes and other distribution services … coordinating the media promotion with the press, radios, TV…
  3. 3. Believe designed, created and hosted the “Name-your-price” website and technology
  4. 4. Believe managed the marketing campaign with iTunes and other services worldwide
  5. 5. Believe coordinated the promotional and marketing campaign with the European media The campaign received a strong international echo with all major international press and media
  6. 6. Believe managed a global offline and online marketing campaign including internet sweepstakes, Google Adwords… Google Adwords Sweepstakes
  7. 7. This campaign successfully resulted in … … very strong digital album sales on the Name-your-price site … major media exposure for Endless Pleasure and Barbara Hendrick’s … the collection of a large email database of fans and a new audience for Barbara Hendricks