Watch London 2012 in style and comfort at one of the best event venues in London


Published on Enjoy the Olympic games with colleagues by hiring one of the best event venues in London

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Watch London 2012 in style and comfort at one of the best event venues in London

  1. 1. Merchant Taylors’
  2. 2. Enjoy the Olympics and gain business London 2012 is the perfect opportunity for companies to hold corporate events. It is a way to get clients, potential clients and employees together to build and strengthen relationships. Exactly what are your current plans for London 2012 and have you thought about hiring one of the many event venues in London?Merchant Taylors’ Commercial in Confidence 2
  3. 3. Buying tickets to the Olympics may not gain you new business There are numerous ways to celebrate the London Olympics and whilst buying tickets to London 2012 could appear the ideal way, it does not actually lend itself to developing business relationships. When at London 2012, almost no business will probably be agreed to as most peoples attention will probably be on the games for obvious reasons. This is exactly why booking a room at one of the well-known event venues in London, near your places of work is an ideal alternative.Merchant Taylors’ Commercial in Confidence 3
  4. 4. To gain business, you must be able to talk to your clients Understandably, if youre to achieve any kind of benefit from the event, you should be in a position to network with your prospective clients. Many businesses take customers to Football matches and frequently purposely book a game somewhere that requires you to travel with your clients, thus permitting a long time to talk about possible contracts. This can be much less simple during the Olympic Games however with TFL predicting lots of overcrowding and massive delays near the Olympic park; it would be very difficult to discuss business when travelling to the event.Merchant Taylors’ Commercial in Confidence 4
  5. 5. An event venue is ideal for generating new business A fantastic alternative to going to the Olympics is to hire a events venue room close to your workplace at one of the many event venues in London, where you can watch London 2012 on a big screen. Event venues in London provide a ideal environment where you cannot just watch London 2012, but additionally discuss business and close those crucial business deals! Booking a events venue to watch London 2012 is a superb method of enjoyably seeing the Olympic games at your very own pace, totally free of the crowded stadiums and with your very own waiting staff. There really is no nicer way for you to network during London 2012, and with the option of event venues in London, you really should have a day that you will never forget.Merchant Taylors’ Commercial in Confidence 5
  6. 6. Choose the event that you want to watch Event venues in London let you pick which event you wish to watch on big screens. You may even watch a selection of sporting events should you choose. In fact, hiring one of the event venues in London provides you with total control as well as providing an ideal environment to speak with your guests.Merchant Taylors’ Commercial in Confidence 6
  7. 7. Watch the Olympics in a comfortable environment and gain clients Event venues in London present you with a superb opportunity to bring prospects as well as colleagues together in a lovely environment thats away from the highly congested Olympic stadiums. For bigger events where you have a large number of guests, why dont you hire one of the event venues in London that has a number of rooms? You might have massive screens in every room, each room for different events. You and your guests can then choose which Olympic event they wish to watch to make sure everyone is catered for.Merchant Taylors’ Commercial in Confidence 7
  8. 8. Make London 2012 special So if youre thinking about treating your clients or potential clients, there is no better way when compared with renting a room at one of the many event venues in London. While watching London 2012 live might seem impressive, it really is far less effective. Make London 2012 special by booking a room from one of the many event venues in London to watch the OlympicsMerchant Taylors’ Commercial in Confidence 8
  9. 9. Are you looking for a event venue? Give Merchant Taylors’ a ring 020 7450 4459 Taylors’ Commercial in Confidence 9