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Don't Bother With Social Media Until You've Mastered Email Marketing


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Don't Bother With Social Media Until You've Mastered Email Marketing

  1. 1. Masters of Marketing Don’t Bother With Social Media Until You’ve Mastered Email Marketing
  2. 2. Email Marketing Plan• Value Filled Content • Ebooks, whitepapers and free reports • Monthly Newsletters • Nurtures• Promote Your Content• Build a Following• Engage Readers• Knowledge First = Conversion Later
  3. 3. Your Basic Email Capture Plan• Email Service Provider• Join Our Newsletter Link on Site• Email Subscription Page• Welcome Drip Process• Ask For Referrals• Tell People About Your Content• Work With Strategic Partners• Promote Your Reports
  4. 4. Turning On Free Reports• Go to your admin console• Click Marketing Tools• Click Free Reports Marketing• Choose the Reports to Display
  5. 5. Turning On Join Our Newsletter Page• Go to Account Settings• Click Account Information• Scroll Down to Miscellaneous Settings
  6. 6. Adding a New Custom Page• Go to Site Design• Site Content Editor• Scroll Down to Extra/Custom Pages• Choose the First Extra Page Option• CREATE! (that’s the fun part)
  7. 7. Creating a Drip Process• In AgencyBuzz create your mailings• Under Event, choose Business Rule• Event Type, choose When Contact Is Inserted Into Database• Drag over mailings, then click Save and Close• Your event is now automated.
  8. 8. Email ExamplesLet’s look at what some folks are doing tokeep their agency in front of leads andcustomers…