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Understanding search engine algorithms


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This presentation focuses on an overview of various search engine algorithm updates and components by taking Google as an example

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Understanding search engine algorithms

  1. 1. aka Google Algorithm Updates VIJAY SANKAR
  2. 2. VS Index of Bing Spiders / Crawlers Index of TopicsAlgorithms reebok – website 1 Shoes website 2 …. …. ….. …. ….. Algorithms
  3. 3. VS • Signal  Any factor of a web page considered by a search engine to rank the page against a keyword and show it in results • Update  An algorithm update is a major change involving changes in ranking signals involved • Refresh  No change in ranking signals  Data refresh  Improve the quality of ranking results (based on an algorithm)  Index refresh Understanding the differences
  4. 4. VS 200+
  5. 5. VS Source: Search Engine Land
  6. 6. VS Links Quality of Content RankBrain aka today’s discussion points
  7. 7. VS • Measuring the importance of a web page using links to it as a voting mechanism • Ranking a web page is based on how many links are linking to it and (how credible are each of those) Understanding Google PageRank algorithm
  8. 8. VS • Measuring the importance of a web page using links to it as a voting mechanism • Ranking a web page is based on how many links are linking to it and (how credible are each of those) Understanding Google PageRank algorithm
  9. 9. VS 2003-2004 Boston Cassandra Dominic Austin Brandy 2005-2006 Bourbon Personalized Search Local Big Daddy 2007-2008 Universal Search Suggest Vince 2009–2010 Caffeine May Day Social 2011–2012 Panda Google+ Venice Semantic Penguin 2013–2014 Hummingbird Pigeon 2015–2016 Machine Learning Mobile Friendliness For a complete list of updates from 1999, visit Moz Google Algorithm Change History
  10. 10. VS • Keyword stuffing • Link farms • Duplicate content Penguin 1.0 (2012) • Advertorials • Back-linking • Credibility/Content Penguin 2.0 (2013) • Refinement on link building • Move to a continuous roll out update • Recoveries from 2.0 Penguin 3.0 (2014) Taming bad link building and other black-hat practices
  11. 11. VS Quality • Quality of Content • Content Farms Duplication • Duplicative pages • Multi-Site/ Micro-Site User Experience • Ad to Content ratio • Navigation Taming the quality of content
  12. 12. VS Proximity over Authority Directories being favored Local business results v/s brands Importance to long tail keywords Its all about making local search better
  13. 13. VS Synonyms of keywords and location Semantic substitutions and use of mark ups Geo location & Search device • Search results based on documents and relationships • Conversational search of ‘what is’,‘when is’ and ‘what for’ type of queries • Shifting from un-structured data to a structured framework opening of semantic search • Tries to understand the intent of search • ‘parker’ pen or ‘parker’ movie • Tries to understand the context of search • s6’ is a Samsung mobile model being reviewed • Tries to understand similarities/synonyms • ‘red frock’ and ‘dark frock’
  14. 14. VS How search engines are becoming knowledge engines?
  15. 15. VS key components of semantic search/web • Resources instead of web pages • Defined by data, metadata and rules • Identified by a URI/IRI • Vocabulary • Give a structure to meta data • Use XML to define the structure • A layer of abstraction • Resource Document Framework • <Subject> -> Property/Predicate -> <Object> • Ontology • Rules in defining data • Model a domain to make it re-usable and share- able • Google Semantic Search Engine
  16. 16. VS
  17. 17. VS learning what you intend to without visiting a page
  18. 18. VS The machine learning component
  19. 19. VS
  20. 20. VS
  21. 21. VS
  22. 22. VS
  23. 23. VS • Being mobile friendly as a search signal  Page by page focus (as opposed to domain wide) • Affects only mobile searches • App Install buttons aka mobilegeddon
  24. 24. VS • Increased organic traffic to app • Enhanced usage of app and possible revenue capture • Potential to even get your app's logo shown in search results • Potential increase in more app installations showing app content in search results
  25. 25. VS one step ahead to Mobile-First…
  26. 26. VS • Shift from Keyword to Quality of Content • Shift from Links to Credibility • Shift from Query Engine to Knowledge Engine • Shift towards Mobile-First aka what all these updates are collectively trying to achieve?
  27. 27. VS