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NorthPoint Community Services


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This general concept brief is for a Nonprofit Hybrid Model I'm working on. If this at all drives a bit of curiosity, please take a peak. Any feedback is much appreciated and be as critical as you would like!

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NorthPoint Community Services

  1. 1. NorthPoint CommunityServicesA Social Enterprise Nonprofit Corporation
  2. 2. Who is NorthPoint CommunityServices? Start-up California Corporation Nonprofit Organization 501(c)(3) Social Enterprise An organization with the primary mission of the social development of communities in the Central Valley of California by using innovative substance abuse treatment solutions and individual development initiatives
  3. 3. Social Enterprise (SE) Concept Social Financial SocialEnterprise = Mission + ObjectivesTax Status= Nonprofit (NPO), For-profit, or HybridLegal Status= Separate legal entity or a departmentof a parent organizationSocial Impact= The primary purpose of a socialenterprise or nonprofit with income generatingactivities
  4. 4. The Social Enterprise (SE) Defined An organization that is primarily focused on having a social mission & achieving social program objectives It leverages an entrepreneurial private sector approach that leads to increased effectiveness & sustainability Creates social benefit or change, while still focusing on standard business objectives Uses business vehicles, strategy, & determination of a for-profit business operation Focuses on public good and stewardship
  5. 5. Social Enterprise Nonprofit Organization (SE NPO) Overview Social Enterprise Social Business Program Unit
  6. 6. Social Enterprise Nonprofit Organization (SE NPO) Increases the reach of the social mission compare to a conventional nonprofit model Create funding opportunities leading to sustainability Meet needs of the market that the market does not currently meet Creates new donor interest (entrepreneurial community, venture capital) Create jobs and training opportunities
  7. 7. Social Enterprise Nonprofit (SE NPO) Funding Concept Community Vocational Treatment Employment Programs Training Center Services Fund Donate Raisers Corporate Social Grant Venture Funds Capital Janitorial Landscape Moving Sober Living Services Service Service Network (For Profit) (For Profit) (For Profit) (For Profit)
  8. 8. Social Enterprise Benefits Funding mechanism for the social programs or operating costs Creates sustainability to the organizations social mission