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College Savings Bank


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College Savings Bank has been helping families save for college since 1987.

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College Savings Bank

  1. 1. College Savings Bank Safe, Secure & Reliable Investment Options for your Clients
  2. 2. Mission“ To be a partner to investment professionalswho provide educational planning services totheir clients, who are preparing their children for higher education. We are in the financial business, but as a partner, we treat all of our beneficiaries like family members - and in as such, deliver products and services to the market that we would want as parents ourselves." Join our mission to help Arizona families save with the Arizona Family College Savings Program!
  3. 3. Company History• College Savings Bank has been in business since 1987.• Joined the Arizona Family College Savings Plan initiative in 1999.• Company was recently purchased by a group of private investors in the beginning of 2012.
  4. 4. Jason Lampa• Located in Phoenix• 12 years working with Advisors• Have raised more than $2 billion in assets with Advisors• Represented firms such as OppenheimerFunds, New York Life and Citi.
  5. 5. A Simple Story• Preservation• Participation• Protection
  6. 6. Safe & Secure Product Line• CollegeSure CD• InvestorSure CD• Fixed Rate CD
  7. 7. AvailabilityCSB 529 and IRA CDs are available in all 50 States through thestate programs we manage: CollegeChoice 529 CD Savings Plan– Indiana Arizona Family College Savings Program Montana Family Education Savings PlanIn addition non tax qualified product are sold directly through thebank.
  8. 8. Client Benefits
  9. 9. Advisor Benefits
  10. 10. Common Objections
  11. 11. Common Questions
  12. 12. Graduate SchoolMy 28-year-old son has just graduated with hisundergraduate degree. Can I now start a 529 plan forhis graduate degree? He is uncertain just when he willgo. If he should not go, can I transfer the money formy grandsons education? 

  13. 13. Parents PrideI am a grandfather contributing to a 529 plan for mygranddaughter. I am the owner of the account and mygranddaughter is the beneficiary.Can I withdraw the funds from the account andreimburse my son who has paid the tuition, room andboard and other qualified expenses?The reason for this question is the parents want to paythe expenses since they feel it is a parental obligationto educate their children.
  14. 14. Retirement or CollegeMy wife and I have more than $100,000 in Roth IRAcontributions in addition to another $400,000 inretirement savings. We have zero in a 529 plan orother college savings. With our first child five yearsfrom college, we are concerned that Roth contributionwithdrawals may not be a good vehicle for collegetuition as the withdrawals show up as income onparents financial aid even though theyre not taxableincome. This may affect ability of our child to obtainstudent loans. We are considering cutting back on our401(k) investments and saving aggressively in a 529plan. What are your thoughts?
  15. 15. Getting Started• Introduce the Arizona Family College Saving Plan andCollege Savings Bank to 10 clients and/or prospectswhom you feel would be a fit.• Invite prospects/clients to attend one of our weeklywebinars.• Schedule a private seminar for your existing clientsand/or prospects hosted by College Savings Bank.•To get started or learn more contact • Jason Lampa, MBA (720) 309-2060, • Jenis Rana, (609) 987-3752