FootGaming for Behavior Modification


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This is an overview of the many ways Exerlearning and Footgaming can support behavior modification programs for elemntary, middle and high school. For more please see and

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FootGaming for Behavior Modification

  1. 1. Connecting Physical Activity to the Learning Process
  2. 2. Connecting IG to the Learning Process (Not a Typo – Not IQ)
  3. 3. The FootPOWR is a computer peripheral that can do anything a mouse can do. You simply stand and move your feet to move the cursor. It works with thousands of existing software and games
  4. 4. Academics, brain researchers, key opinion formers, parents and students all recognize the functional, social and success outcomes that emerge from adding physical activity and fitness components to the learning process ExerLearning is all about the experience, the excitement and the shared connection to an “aha” moment
  5. 5. Beliefs about ourselves and our ability to succeed in school are powerful and emotional. Emotions change how we make decisions, form habits and develop skills.
  6. 6. FootGaming is a “plug and play” ExerLearning tool that delivers the power of movement, balance, eye-tracking, prediction and game-play to the learning process.
  7. 7. he FootPOWR® pad: is – play (and learn) with your feet! Full-immersion active fun for: • casual games • curriculum software • edutainment • virtual worlds
  8. 8. he FootPOWR® pad: is – play (and learn) with your feet! Full-immersion active fun for: • Increased focus and productivity • Academic success • Behavior modification • Increased attendance • Engagement in the learning process
  9. 9. Why are these the default “school tools?”
  10. 10. Play (and Learn) With This
  11. 11. he FootPOWR®is – playing (and learning) with your feet! pad: For the 30% of our students struggling most with school, life, behavior, learning, emotions and confidence – A solid dose of IG could make all the difference!
  12. 12. he FootPOWR®is – playing (and learning) with your feet! pad: What’s IG ?
  13. 13. he FootPOWR®is – playing (and learning) with your feet! pad: Instant Gratification! A grade, a test, a goal or a long-term change in behavior or attitude is challenging for many students. ExerLearning via FootGaming can deliver what struggling students (and their hard-working teachers) need.
  14. 14. he FootPOWR® pad: If a personal belief systems shouts – “I am a failure” “I struggle at school” “I don’t fit in” “It’s too hard!” a SELF CONCEPT is built. Our need for CONSISTENCY is stronger than just about any other intrinsic need we have. People will act in a manner CONSISTENT with that belief.
  15. 15. Is IG FUN! •The right games •The right software •Regular FootGaming breaks •Recognizing students’ love of games •Allowing success and physical activity to be integrated into the learning environment …….
  16. 16. IG Inspires Re-defining the personal belief system about: self-school-success through regular practice and reflection
  17. 17. Once students understand how we learn, ExerLearning answers many questions about the struggle-try-fail-give up experience
  18. 18. The Brain and Heart are a GREAT Learning Team • Physical exercise increases blood flow in the brain • Active Exercise – getting the heart pumping- increases brain chemicals like BDNF and neurotransmitters • It becomes a re-defining “AHA” moment
  19. 19. Students struggling with SIT STILL, FOCUS, PAY ATTENTION love to understand (finally): our moving brain is our thinking brain. The same ... cells that we move with ... are the ones we use to think. When we move, we activate them,quot; Dr. John J. Ratey, the author of quot;Spark: The Revolutionary Science of Exercise and the Brain.quot;
  20. 20. he FootPOWR®Is not a classroom toy or simply a “fun” reward pad: When students understand the brain research behind the addition of ExerLearning they will “play” with awareness and be able to recognize the IG benefits when they return to the academic task
  21. 21. ExerLearning is delivered to the classroom via an easy to implement technology tool, FootPOWR, a plug and play computer peripheral. Instant Gratification and success is delivered via the power of movement. The vocabulary of: BDNF, neurotransmitters, proprioception, balance practice, eye-tracking, patterns, prediction, and focus re-define self-beliefs about the ability to succeed in school
  22. 22. he FootPOWR®Is not a classroom toy or simply a “fun” reward pad: The key to success is to provide regular FootGaming breaks for the students most challenged by: • sitting still • focusing and completing tasks • reading and math • engagement in the learning process • fitness and balance factors
  23. 23. Music, rhythm, and the repetitive practice of patterns found in many computer and video games using balance and eye-tracking are all powerful tools for physical and mental learning. Research has linked active rhythmic play with increased language discrimination and development, math ability, improved school grades, better-adjusted social behavior, and improvements in quot;spatial-temporal reasoning,quot; - a cornerstone for problem solving.
  24. 24. Imagine the Student-Inspired Possibilities
  25. 25. Students and Faculty: re-charge with the rhythm of fun! Playing casual games for just 10 minute work break 10 minutes can lower stress, reduces stress while boost concentration and sharpening and re-focusing enhance your mood the mind Positive behaviors increase Students are motivated to come to via regular FootGaming school and work hard when breaks – teachers can do FootGaming is the reward what they do best We add the physical activity to the learning environment – adding energy, oxygen, balance and calorie loss
  26. 26. FootGaming Supports Behavior Modification Strategies Positive behaviors, improved mood and reduced stress Every school invests an enormous amount of time, effort and budget in creating a campus where students and teachers can calmly and peacefully carry out learning endeavors without interruption or stress-induced challenges. Even when we carefully develop classroom and campus rules, provide incentives, humor, patience and work hard to develop mutual respect the outcomes aren't always what we'd hoped for. Struggling students bring stress, psychological challenges, anger and frustration from home. In the midst of a busy class, it's tough to stop and deliver an effective intervention. FootGaming can help. Research on the Games to Use with FootGaming FootGaming and Conflict Resolution Attendance and FootGaming Reaching the At-Risk Student
  27. 27. At School: energize with ExerLearning FootGaming is an easy-to-deliver method of tying the cognitive benefits of select game/software to the brain-enhancing effects of rhythmic aerobic exercise and balance. See: Generation FIT Exerlearning FootGaming Website and Teacher resources FootGaming Blog Brainy Stuff 1078097#
  28. 28. Judy Shasek 541-410-1478 Copyright 2009 – FootGaming, FootPOWR, ExerLearning and Generation FIT are registered trademarks of invenTEAM-Shasek 2005-2008