Christmas PowerPoint Presentation Kit


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Christmas Kit from Indezine can be downloaded from

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Christmas PowerPoint Presentation Kit

  1. 1.
  2. 2. What do you suggest?• A scrapbook presentation?• A photo album?• A small movie?• An online presentation?
  3. 3. • All you need is the Indezine Christmas Kit!• And you have the Indezine Christmas Kit in your hands!• Neutrino is so happy!
  4. 4. Explore the next few slides to learn more!
  5. 5. • This presentation uses the Indezine Christmas Theme.• You will also find a THMX file in the same folder as this presentation – double-click the THMX file to start a new presentation based on this Theme!
  6. 6. We call this Floosion Star – look for the TTF filein the same folder as this kit. This font has starscutting off the edges of the text!
  7. 7. Look for the Christmas Clip Art.pptx file. You canrecolor these doodles using Shape Styles inPowerPoint.
  8. 8. These transparent-background graphics arePNGs – look for them in the “Embellish” folder.
  9. 9. These can be used as fills for shapes and text –look for them in the “Textures” folder.
  10. 10. Explore the next few slides, and use them as astarting point to create your own picture slides!
  11. 11. • Use the Theme file included with this kit for your scrapbook presentation.• Use embellishments in the Embellish folder to add more scrapbook-style character.• Use the Floosion Star font to make your text look distinct.• Visit for more PowerPoint scrapbooking goodies.
  12. 12. • Use the Theme file included with this kit for your scrapbook presentation.• Use your own family pictures, or get tons of pictures from Microsoft’s site.• Use PowerPoint’s Picture Styles to increase the cool factor of your photo presentation.• Explore PowerPoint’s awesome Photo Album feature to import pictures quickly!
  13. 13. • All Scrapbooking and Photo Album tips from previous slides apply.• Add automatic slide transition timings.• Add sound clips to span across slides.• Use PowerPoint 2010’s File | Save & Send | Create a Video option.• Upload the resultant video to YouTube, Vimeo, or other sites!
  14. 14. • Upload your finished PowerPoints to SkyDrive and share an online presentation.• Share as an online presentation on SlideShare, myBrainshark, authorSTREAM, or SlideBoom.
  15. 15. • Now go ahead and make your own Christmas slides• Remember to send us your feedback• Wish you all a merry Christmas
  16. 16. Copyright More Presentations: Free PowerPoint Templates: